Monday, August 21, 2006


I know this piece might contradict my previous post, but if you read my profile properly, there you will find a place where I wrote "I am trying to figure this out..." Remember, Nothing is Absolute!

During a debate between I and my friends some few days ago got be thinking about the issue of LOVE. I as an individual believes that LOVE exist either as an agreement (not the regular ones) or as a socket which one, two, or more people plug into to energize them in the way they best can. We debated on how LOVE sustains a relationship and moves people in LOVE to do the most absurd thing regardless of what situation they face. But I disagree stating that LOVE does exist regardless of people, just as air exist regardless of people that breathe air. My arguement stress most stating that LOVE between two or more people can only be sustained provided that certain ingredient are provided.

When I got home that night, I was trying to process these questions:

How do the blind fall in LOVE?
Is LOVE a combination of many particles of emotion (Just like the air we breathe)?
If all the particles that makes up LOVE (if there are any) incomplete, can it still be LOVE?
What emotion concentrate is required the most to make the strongest LOVE bond?
Can a beautiful young woman plug into the same socket of LOVE with an ugly, blind, poor, old man?
Can a young, rich, and handsome man plug into the same socket of LOVE with an ugly, blind, poor, girl?

These are my mine about this issue. What are yours?


Friday, August 18, 2006


Nothing scares me more than when I think of what I'll be like when am 60 or thereabout. I freak out at the thought of it. The question I keep asking myself is, would I love my life at that age? What will be my thought process of things then? I never worry about if I'll reach that age or not, but I worry about what would be my frame of mind and attitude towards life at that age. That gives me the mother of all creeps.

Thinking back throughout my 26yrs plus (which expires on the 20th of August) of existence here on earth, Can I say that I am proud of my experiences? Can I say that I have evolved to a degree in my way of thinking, way of living, way of giving, way of recieving? I doubt if I have achieved all that I really want at this age, but the positive and negative ions neccessary for transforming my being into the next level of evolution has gathered enough momentum and is waiting for the green light.

I have always wanted to go out and see the world, be in places that appeal to my interest, see people and mingle like a child high on sugar, give like I own fort Knox, party like its christmas, meet people like am Nelson Mandela, dress like Pharrel Williams is learning, and most important release myself from superficial, materialistic, and egoistic shackles.

I thought to myself, Live your life like its golden! Live like everyday is your last. Love those who love you the best way that you can. Avoid those who hate you because they just might mess the process up. See things from multiple perspective and stick with the one that is in harmony with your self. Ask questions like a child would.

I have chosen to travel the world starting from Nigeria, visiting every major city and documenting my findings, every month. I'll spend a weekend at these places, and a week at other cities in Africa... Then I shall proceed to the rest of the world.

I have chosen to live the dreams of my childhood years. What about you? What are you going to do? All I can say is, LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE ITS GOLDEN.


PS> My heart goes out to those who do not have the capacity to really live (Children of Rwanda, Sudan, people of the middle east, children and people of sad circumstance). May you all find the peace that you seek. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Have you ever noticed that everything is going through a recycling phase? From plastic, to metal. Anything! Everything! And come to think of it, they sort of allow a kind of harmony in Nature's order. Instead of using up all our these resources and dumping them as waste which inturn hunts us back in the guise global warming and funky type diseases, recycling can be of huge advantage that can perhaps slow the process and make our life much much better.

We can apply this recycling model into our lives as well. Talk about born-again (not in that manner). A born-again person is simply a recycled product of former self. What if we can recyle everything? I mean everything. Relationship, Friend, Family, Happiness (a used up happiness is called sadness... what a waste), Peace, everything!

Am more concerned about relationships now, be it family type or friendship type or the lovey-dubey ones... We should be able to recyle those lost feelings, lost sweet-emotions, laughter, and the peace we find in these "Natural Resources". Instead of using them up and dumping them, which inturn hunts us back in the guise of anger, war, grudge, bitch-slapping, and what have you.

Take a moment and look at your life. Check your recycle bin, see what you can recyle. And those that can't be, turn them into another product (No! not a biological weapon!)


Monday, August 14, 2006


Once upon a time (really long long long time ago), in a peacefull land surrounded by the white sea, sparkling like a diamond on display at Helzberg, lives a young and beautiful woman, who fell in love with some guy (use your own discription here). They were so in love that they lived happily ever after. The End!

That story sucks yea? Hmmm, I thought so too. Now shake yourself back to reality. The tail is gone, we last had in when we was in our mother's womb (yea, we once had that!). We are sailing in the ocean of reality. Bad Water, annoying weather, and a drunken captain.

Love from the way I understand it, Is a conscious (or unconscious?) decision we all make. Being attracted to someone is a natural phenomenum we can't figure out. Love is the the policy (by senatorial decisions from both parties) that governs how long that attraction would last to how much to feed it. Now, if the policy is weak, sooner or later, the attraction would fade away.

I know some of us would say "Get out of here", but its the simple semi-fact(Nothing is absolute). How do you define this: Two people in love one moment, cannot stand each other the next? Attraction is what matters in any relationship, and Love - a simple agreement - like an ointment, keeps the wheel of attraction rolling smoothly.

I can go on and one and tell you my analysis on this, but it will take the whole of this blog's capacity. So I challenge lovers (Senators in the Liberated Republic of Attraction) to tell me that I am talking trash.



A guy I know lost his mother last week. Sad. While I was writing this, I thought of the title I was going to use for a moment. Should I use, DEATH: THE DREADED TRAIN TO NEVERLAND, or DEATH: THE SCARY NAME OF EVERYONE'S TRAIN STATION...

Without much, this brougth me to the topic of death! Yes, that! Scary ain't it? Well, sorry to go creepy on you, but it is better said than thought of.

Analyze this:

If a loved one, relative, friend, or aquintance were to travel to another city and you were never going to see or communicate with this person for the rest of your life, what would you do:

(a) Do you freak out?
(b) Do you say ok, but at least I know the city he/she is going to and I know he/she will be well?

My thought on this? I think it will be of mixed feeling depending on how much you are attached to that person. Nevertheless, you won't loose your mind. You just would embrace option (b) with not so much negative feeling.

Now Analyze this:

If a loved one, relative, friend, or acquaintance dies (this is where you insert GOD FORBID!) what would you do?

(a) Do you freak out?
(b) Do you say ok, but at least I know the place he's going to and I know he/she will be well?
(c) Do you really freak out and loose your mind?

My thought on this? I think most people will use option (a) and (c). Do you see where I am going? Most people believe in life after death. But I ask, Do we really believe in life after death? I think we olny use it as a consolation in life or as a necessary ingredient for a I-Feel-Better-That-Way religious belief. Yet, subconciously, we believe in our fear. Fear of the unknown! Because, if we believe

in life after death as much as we all claim, then why do we grief thrice (or more) as much over Analysis two over Analysis one?

The other life is something we don't know. And something we don't know, regardless that it is apparent to us (still unknown), is a something we truly fear. (Hint: See the reason why we fear GOD? We can't figure GOD out. And humans - and everything else too - fear what they can't figure out!)

NOTE: There are two Fs we do about things we don't know.

F1: We Fear.
F2: We Fight.

Let us ask ourselves. What do we really believe in? And how do we face the reality of our belief?



Here I am again, doing what Pinky and the Brain do everyother night (No, am not trying to take over the world, but I'm pondering).

I have noticed that when certain things happen in our lives, we tag it as Fate, Destiny, or God's purpose. We have other names for them as I do not have the list in my head as of the time of writing. This comes up especially when negative things happen in this life of ours. I read that we are all not perfect, and we are struglling towards perfect. Is it that destiny is a cosmic design for a project that will eventually propel us gradually to perfection?

Is there any such thing as luck? Because, If there is, then the idea of Destiny or Fate will be useless! Be it bad luck or good luck. Is there a Grand Architect or a Captain who craft out a design that will lead us to perfection or steer the mucky & troubled waters of existence and take us to the shores of perfection?

Do you believe in Destiny? Then you should believe that regardless of what you do, it is still part of a grand design. What then is freewill? I once read that "Our righteousness is like a filthy rag before GOD". So I can then imagine the evil things we do! Does this mean that regardless of what we do, His plan sticks? And reward is for those that the reward has been designed for?

What journey are we traveling? What vehicle are we using? All I can say is: ATTENTION: PERFECTION IS xMILES AHEAD!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Everyman knows that a woman is a handful. Hold your placard down ladies. No feminism or women libration chant of war is required. This is not about you, but for you. At the time of writting this, I am so high (no, I don't do drugs or any of its relatives) and listening to Lionel Riche's SAIL ON. And this night (like evry other night), I got that same mind twitch on this issue: The difinition of heaven. What is the recipe for heaven (My definition for heaven is quite different from the ones most of us have... and don't ask me just yet. That's a topic for another discussuion).

It took me back into the Begining of things in the Bible (I just can't resist picking a thing or two from the good book), when there was a man, a woman, and a tree. The story blames the woman for almost everything and giving the man little or almost no blame (tilling the ground for food and using your procreation tool for business and pleasuere is no big deal any more - since most women face just about the same task - compare to 9months of eleru with hard labour plus the damn snake bruising the heel of your offspring ). I have a strong feeling the man, inorder to retain his pride (and save his balls) decide to add a twist to the original story (just a bit). Knowing man and his bid to rule forever, he probably made a deal with the woman (who has knocked herself out eating the friut of knowledge) saying "I'll take the blame for touching the fruit of knowledge, for you to keep your mouth shut about how much you know better than me..." And the woman asked "why?". He said "Because if Dear Lord knows you did it first, he'll send you out of the garden, and trust me, it's not a pretty sight out there. I've been here long enough to know that!" And the woman out of fear of been cast out alone, foolishly agreed.

So Dear Lord appeared, and call out the man "ADAM! ADAM!! ADAM!!!, WHERE ARE THOU?" And the man answer "Aye Lord, I am here..." Dear Lord said "WHAT ART THOU DOING THERE? COMETH OUT AND HUG DADDY..." The man replied "This man ain't moving nowhere lest you seeth him nakedeth." Dear Lord said "NAKED?! HOW DID THOU KNOWEST THEE NAKEDETH?!" Man replied "It beats the crap out of me. But I know for sure I ain't high, because I did not burn any grass today. This whole trips started after I ate something 'the woman you gave me' preparedeth for me as supper." Dear Lord aked "ART THOU HIGH OR SOMETHING?! DID YOU TAKETH FROM THE TREE I ASKED YOU NOT TO TOUCH?!" Man replied "Please ask the woman that question..." Dear Lord called out for the woman "WOMAN!" The woman replied "Aye My Lord. Thou called for me." Dear Lord asked "DID YOUR MAN EAT OUT OF THE TREE OF I WARNED HIM ABOUT?!" Woman replied "Aye My Lord..."

Remember: Dear Lord gave instruction to the man not to eat the fruit, but not the woman. ;-) I challenge you to tell me that I lie!

Silly Man, he thinks he's wise. Thinking Dear Lord would ask a different question like "Did you give man blah blah bla..." Dear Lord turned and prounced judgement on man. Knowing that man cannot be without his better half, he sent the woman out with him. The man not kowning why, and the woman thinking the man bore the punishment with her for her "transgression" decided to keep mute on the deal (the one about opening how much knowledge she has over man). What Dear Lord did was, Dear Lord told the woman that going out there with man was for a reason, and that there are no proper medical care outside the garden and for lack of medical facilities, she'll have to go through nine months of eleru with hard labour. And because the damn snake is a nuisance in the garden, he'll have to kick it out. But she should becareful because the trecherous snake will bruise the heel of your offspring if their path cross. Now, because the woman is traumatized, she heard them but could not make a sense out of it. Man seeing and hearing this, took advantage and said God has cursed her because she did not help matters.

That's the true story. Women know this, but they are bound by the pact they've made. They and the tree knows the secret to heaven. Those two are the very essential recipe for heaven. Yes I said it!


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Has anyone ever notice that when you are in a tight corner, no matter how very tight the corner is, there is always room for negotiation? Now that really beats me. I was trying to catch some sleep last night (that slippery bastard just won't stay still!) and these thoughts just kept hitting me like a rock star on a trailerload dose of heroine and got my mind doing xMillion Km/sec on the freeway of Jagbajantis. A tight spot with room for negotiation. hmmm...

Imagine if as an entrepreneur, you are approached with a deal (you can't refuse) and after much, you are boxed up in a corner with nothing left to put on the table. You have only two rooms left. Behind door Number 1: Get the hell out. Behind door Number 2: Negotiate against your terms. Now imagine a very juicy deal, most people will opt for door Number 2 as the only reasonable option.

Sometimes, we fight hard - maybe out of selfishness, pride, or whatever, but if our opponent is stronger that we usually think they are, we begin to see these two options. I know for sure that if we don't regard these deals, we most times don't even go into the process of allowing the senerio come up. Take for instance, you have a million bucks (substitute this with your own currency... yes, you can use Naira) sitting comfortable in the palace of your bank account after all liabilities has been catered to, and someone pops up with a 10,000 bucks deal. One, you either say, am sorry go somewhere else, or two, you say go eat shit or whatever keeps you high. Now lets look at the reverse: You have 10,000 bucks standing (not sitting oh!) and waiting to be sent to the Liability Abattoir and you are in million buck more in the quick sand of debt, and a million buck deal pops up. What door would you open against all odds?

These situations come up in many face: Family, Relationship, Job, Project, School, and life in general. Regardless of the situation, We always want the best result for ourselves, but isn't neccessary the best. Now, with a Dilemma .45 Magnum pointed at your face, you'll do nothing else better than to check into Door Number 2! and trust me, the room service is crappy.

Who's got the key to a better door? Let me have it...


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Weird title that I've got up there. Where did that come from. Now you see, I have the unbelievable thought process that makes me awe at myself. It's like a galaxy of thought in there. And I ask myself and people who care to listen the weirdest question in the history of weird questions (seriously). Some of these questions I believe goes beyond me, and am not the only one in that domain of thought.

I was with my friends yesterday after work (that place!) and we decided to chill and have a drink somewhere right opposite the estate where my office is located. In the spirit of the moment, we started talking about everything, and from nowhere we jumped into GOD. Yes, GOD (We started with the story of the Jewish people and how they are highly favoured. And then proceed to discussing war in the Middle-East and the whole che-bang... then Aliens and if they exist or not, and how the certain discoveries are hidden from the public, and then the Judas Scroll that has just been released(?) or Found(?) - and then GOD)

Three of my collegues stated their belief in the bible and the Christian definition of GOD. But I stated otherwise, saying that inspite of all the sweetness that has been attached to GOD and all the mystery that has been woven into GOD, we are missing on point... How come if we are all talking about one GOD, but have different interpretation. My questions - very innocent and with no prejudice but for want for answers stripped of any particular belief - are:

1. How come we have different versions of God?
2. How come the idea of a never changing God keeps changing?
3. Whose version of God is right?
4. Does he interfer in our affairs?
5. If so, does he choose who does what and who doesn't?
6. Is free-will really free-will? (since we can only choose from options that are available to us)
7. Can anyone ever figure God out?
8. If no, how come someone always thinks their own version of God is better than others'?
9. If Yes, then he's not a mystery anymore that the guy next to me?
10. Do we confuse our emotional spasm or intuitive awareness as a sign from God?
11. Why do we keep fighting for who has the best Imaginary Being?
12. Does God care?
13. And if yes, on whose side does he stand?
14. Wont that be partiality if he gets invovled by supporting one side?
15. Can man wrestle with God?
16. Can a created wrestle with the Creator?
17. What is right and what is wrong?
18. By what standard?
19. Who made these standards?
20. What if we are all wrong?
21. What if we are part of someone's vision (of supposed reality) and really don't exist?

I have asked 21 questions, and they are all about us (sorry 50... I actually asked 21 questions about what concerns everyone)

Please share you thoughts with me

Friday, August 04, 2006


I got this idea from Etomi who got it from Low's... And I thought to myself, this is a good way to introduce myself. I have the Leo factor sometimes, but its something I get bored of (just like everything else). So am going to load a barrel with somethings I've managed to notice about me (when am not busying wondering "where did it all start..."

Release safety... BANG!!!

1. The first four letters from my name has the same spelling as a nut used to serve elders before a speech.
2. I love food, but don't serve me a full plate at once
3. I love eating as much as I can in a day, but in small bits
4. I get bored easily
5. When I make up my mind, its a whole lot to get me to change my mind (cos it took a while to make the dang thing)
6. I love to see people in Love, and I love to be in love (no one knows this though), but I have a LTCD (long term commitment Disorder)
7. I cried when I watch "HOTEL RWANDA"
8. I cry when I watch movie about lost children, and Family Re-Union (No one knows this until now... yea tell the world, whatever rocks your boat)
9. I always wish I could do things myself (just feel no one can do it better regardless that I can be quite lazy)
10. Heaven knows I love attention (but it better not be faked, cos I'll sense it)
11. I wish secretly to fall in love (I don't know what it feels like yet)
12. Sometime I love being alone in my house
13. I love chocolates & IceCreame (and I have a missing tooth to show for it)
14. I have only 27 teeth (I never had the "Adult" 32)
15. Most times I feel like I am 10yrs younger than I am
16. I get lost in my thoughts all the time
17. I analyze everything
18. I just analyzed myself and you (can you beat that?)
19. I forget things a lot (forget my birthday many times,
But I dont forget people's Star Sign)
20. I dont say much in the morning until brush my mouth.
21. I forgive people easily (very annoying.. cos I feel like killing them at first)
22. Then I wonder why they don't feel comfortable after I tell them I don't have anything against them 10minutes later.
23. I like to debate a lot (about everything, and I mean everything)
24. I fantasize about me on a distant Island with music playing from the trees
25. Am obsessed with philosophy
26. I love most of Tupac Lyrics
27. I love driving fast
28. I hate been Idle, its scares the shit out of me
29. I keep having this idea of keeping a wild cat (like a tiger)
30. I feel like I have been alive before in the 50s
31. I love tales from the 50s
32. I have dreams of my flying without wings (especially when am escaping from terrible monsters - still can't figure out why they are attracted to me.. chase other people! haba!)
33. I never sink when I dream of swimming (
I either Lie or walk on the damn water in my dreams... WEIRD)
34. I love a well manicured female feet (just cant help it)
35. I don't like people interpreting stuff and saying light 2million candles and 5billion Psalms.
36. I have tried getting drunk stupid, and I hate the feeling
37. I have never been drunk enough to not know what I am doing (I feel stupid and experience the whole headache, and dizzyness, and throwing up.... can't I just be like Dele for once and not know what I am doing?)
38. I hate been told what to do like its a bloody command
39. I like justifying everything
40. I finished reading the bible once Gen - Rev, and I thought I'll get the HolyGhost fit (nothing happened)
41. I hate religious crisis
42. I hate angry environment
43. Am annoyingly generous
44. Despite that, I so bloody selfcentred
45. God! I love myself. (Yea, blow me)
46. I tend to be arrogant in a very polite way (how's that?)
47. I hate offending people by default (but don't push me)
48. I once thought Santa Claus was real.
49. I've started collecting toys (no, am not gay! neither do I have pedophillia tendecies)
50. I missed been a child
51. I like reading weird books about nothing
52. I like reading/watching documentary about people's life
53. Am a very shy person
54. I keep buying new tooth-brush in every city i have visited (I have a thing for forgeting my toot-brush)
55. I asked about Death when I was 5 (Momsie almost had a fit)
56. I see things before they happen
58. I love stroking a woman's hair (natural oh!).
59. I hate so see people's weakness (turns me off)
60. I conceal my weakness
61. I wish to have a girl as my first child.
62. I laugh when I watch funny movies
63. I laugh when I watch horror movies (those peopel just dont get it, do they? run and ask questions later...LOL)
64. I can't seem to understand why people hold grudge
65. I can't seem to figure out why either
66. I use the number 666 to scare some of my friends and get a laff
67. I love heights
68. Am a sucker for intelligent women
69. I had my first kiss when I was 16 (it took days for me to get over it... the feeling was heavenly)
70. I always imagine the begining and end of everthing
71. My Immune system is fabulous (can't remember the last time I was ill)
72. I hate it when people make me act crazy towards them (stop making me hate myself.. ggrrrrhhhh)
73. I had my first crush at age 7
74. A whole Weird things happened to me when I was 7 (what's with the number anyways?)
75. I love taking Mineral Drinks (Coke, Sprite - yea that's what we call it)
76. I don't know my blood group or type
77. The doctor once told me I had a perfect heart (I don't know about now sha)
78. I have been admited once at the Hospital (I secretly wished for it)
79. The year I was born
80. I love being independent (being doing that since I was 20)
81. I hate seeing children suffering (most times I can't help and it hurts)
82. I hate politics... Seriously
83. No once can understand me... (when I can't even figure myself out)
84. I hate been cut off in the middle of a thought process
85. I love watching cartoons
86. I love the advertising industry
87. I love having a good laugh
89. I laugh everyday, regardless
90. I dream of the Ideal Relationship
91. I have been busted by my pops (doing you know what)
92. I can't be bother about football.
93. I love fashion
94. Am starting my own label soon
95. I love anything trendy
96. Am obsessed with the Internet
97. I love paintings I can figure out or the really weird ones
98. I love casual dressing
99. And God do I love perfumes
100. I day dream alot
101. I am sooooooooo GREAT, I just haven't come to the realization yet.