Wednesday, August 29, 2007


In a world clothed by good and bad things, cologned by unCertainties, I being part of this mixture of chaos and calm, and a product as well, I wonder what it would be like to be able to create...

If I could create
I would an anti-dote for broken hearts

If I could create
I would make grace fall from the sky after rain so that everyone can come out and play

If I could create
I would plant a kiss on every woman's heart and watch it grow

If I could create
I would a rose call hope

If I could create
I would a sea of love for all those who thirst to drink from

If I could create
I would put orgasm in a box of chocolate

For all those who can create, share with me your creation ideas. Am tagging the following creators:
catwalq, AbujaBabe, TMinx, Olamild, Mrs Somebody, Jeff Corbin, Vera, Teediva, Ms zee, jadedjune, Atutupoyoyo, Aivy, LondonChameleon, exschoolnerd, Fatoumatta, Fineboy, Ugo Daniels, Toochi, Jaja, Calabar Girl, Sparkle, Tayo, Nyemoni, London Buki, kokolette, Rinsola, 36 INCHES OF BROWN LEGS, JJ, Izz, Omohemi Benson, Tinkerbell, Tyger, Gemini Girl, Overwhelmed, Kafo, dolly, Queen of My Castle

For other creators not listed above, get creative *wink*


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They still do

Hey ladies, don't get it twisted. Men, they still fall in love, and stupidly too if you ask me. I have this friend of mine who for the sakes of whatever-the-sakes-may-be I won't mention names, told me about how he has fallen in love deeply with this girl I used to flirt with (not have sex or make out with. so don't give me that look) . He, dropping his ego, told me point blank: "unNaked, I love this girl. I don't know what you two have or had, but I really do. Because I know at one point you guys where extremely close, and I just want you to know how much I really like her. Whatever you guys must have had, I honestly don't care and don't want to know. Am just baring my heart as it is..."

Hmmm... deep! Well, I told him the truth: "I was just being cool with her, even if I had the intention of shagging her, I did not let that block my blood flow. And no, I did not do anything with or to her. The closest thing we did was hug and share my lunch..." (On my flirthood honour)

You see this guy came clean and said it the way he feels. I have known him to have a mad ass crush on the girl and how it hurts him seeing I & the girl hanging out like two sides of a coin. I have to start down playing my nonchalant-pure-black-steaming-coffee-flirt orders. I might be bruising someone's ego *sigh*

PS: Believe anything anyone who has had 10shots of vodka tells you. They might just be telling the reckless truth... *wink*

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Nothing like a cup of ice-cream on a hot Lagos afternoon
It just simply melts the heat away

Nothing like walking naked on the beach
No lover can make love to your body half as much as the cool ocean breeze

Nothing like the giggle of new born babies
It echoes in that happy place in your heart

Nothing like a fag after a sexsion
It is simply nmphff

Nothing like a soft lip to kiss
Just can't get enough of it

Nothing like punching your boss
It just feels good.(You just realize he gets paid 6x your salary just because he's better at pretending to be working than you.)

Nothing like having sex after 69days of celibacy
You just keep on cuming.

Nothing like a babe with a dimple
It makes my single dingle

Nothing like jumping into the pool on a hot lagos afternoon
You can drown in the euphoria of cool.

Nothing like nothing
It's simply...

What is nothing like to you?

Am tagging:

catwalq, AbujaBabe, TMinx, Mrs Somebody, Jeff Corbin, Vera, Teediva, Ms zee, jadedjune, Atutupoyoyo, Aivy, LondonChameleon, exschoolnerd, Fatoumatta, Fineboy, Ugo Daniels, Toochi, Jaja, Calabar Girl, London Buki, kokolette, Rinsola, 36 INCHES OF BROWN LEGS, JJ, Izz, Omohemi Benson, Tinkerbell, Tyger, Gemini Girl, Overwhelmed, Kafo, dolly, Queen of My Castle

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Goodbye 27, Welcome 28

How do feel now that you are 28? The same thing. Oh no, wait! I'm unconditionally happy, I care about people more. Not like I actually never cared, but am more conscious of my environment now.

Do you feel more responsible? Well, it depends on what am responsible for. But yea, I think I have moved a few degrees from point I-don't-give-a-shit to point what-is-this-shit.

Has anyone sent in a present yet? Noooo. They are all coming up with excuses so that they can come and have fun at my Vodka Fest. They never see natin. I go show them pepper. But I did my self a favour of getting me one.

What did you get? em rac thg i oub a.

What is that? what I bought my self.

What is it? I just told you.

So what are you going to do today? Buy chocolate & ice-cream for a start. and plan my vodka fest. doesn't really take much though.

What would you like for a birthday present? Will you give me?

Why not ask? Come let me whisper it to you.

No, Just say it: When you are ready, come and I will whisper it.

It's in your favour oh. So say it: Lets come to that later.

What does your birthday mean to you? Reminds me of the day I came to earth screaming "put me back innnnnnnn" but the dumb doc was too self-centered to understand me, and my mum, too weak & happy to tell the dumb doc what I was trying to say. And ever since, I have been trying to get back in through other doors, but I realized that only my dick can go in so far. Will keep trying though.

What the fuck? Hey! No swearing on my birthday! Except if it means something. *wink*

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

unDecided Decision

It eats me sometimes when I think of it. The more I think of it as a sin the more the wind tells me it is a blessing. That in time, I shall get over the F*E*A*R and see the P*E*R*L hidden inside.

My drive towards perfection has made me commit more sin than normal. And a few who has witness me say "You're who you are. Stop crucifying yourself."

I have come to embrace the duality of life. I can't be entirely good even as I strive to be. I have to commit in order to vomit some of the darkness locked within the light box that is my Soul.

My move to living involves: Give as much as you wish to receive. Judge not, so that you will not be judge. Fuck others when they want to fuck with your mind. Have sex as much as you can (its my 1st addiction). See the good in people. Listen more and talk less. Dance salsa on weekends. Travel once in 3 month (away from my immediate environment). Eat chocolate cake every weekend. Eat ice-cream 3 times a week. Go swimming twice in a month. Drink @ the bar every Thursday (or anytime i want in my house). Wank when horny and there's no one to straf. Become very influential. Visit the orphanage once a month. Live 90% of my life with a smile on my face and 10% with a frown.

Because in the end, I find peace in these things. I shall, regardless, remain unNaked F*O*R*E*V*E*R.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Salsa Bug

I have been having this salsa vibration for like 2yrs plus now. I think it's time to give in to it. I want to start attending salsa classes and using that as my own recreational activity. So right now am looking for a sexy salsa dancer (female only) to help me curb my fear of dancing.

If you know anyone please direct them to me. Thank you. ;-)
No, we are not going to do that! So stop smiling...


Friday, August 10, 2007

Memoirs Of a boy

He's a friend who am well pleased.
He's someone you can call a friend (male & female alike)
He put a new meaning into the word 'Loyalty'
And I talked him into blogging
Now he blogs @ Memoirs Of a Boy


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dolly is feeling me...

I'm a very huge fan of Dolly Parton (well as a kid. I'll have to check if my membership is still valid), and this piece from her matches my mood right about now. She is the first white woman crush before Marilyn Monroe (I just love the naughty in every woman *wink*)

This song tells what am feeling right now. Might expire, might not...

When the morning sun
streaks across my room
and am waking up
from another dream of you
yes you know am on the road
once again it seems
all that is left behind
is a chain of broken dreams

And how I wish that love
is all we need
what a life we would have
cause I've got so much to give
but you know I feel so sad
down inside my heart
that the dollar signs
should be keeping us apart

And only if I could find my way back to the time
when the problems of this life cannot get cross my mind
and the answers can be found in children nursery rhymes
I come runing back to you
I come runing back to you

But you know we can't
leave on dreams alone
got to pay the rent
so I must leave you all alone
but you know I have made my choice
many years ago
and now its traveling life
its the only life I know

But you know that I love you
you know I love
oh how I love you...

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Monday, August 06, 2007

unSexually Attracted?

Many have asked this question before: Is it possible for a man & woman to share a platonic bond without getting sexually attracted? After chilling with a new friend I just made, she wrote me the following:

Foot rubs
Body scrubs
Face wipes
Intimate Stuffs

Human connect
One soul to another
A special kinship begins
Genuine friendship?

Nothing sexual....
Just a feeling of companionship
That first click
A flow
A conversation
Just knowing deep down inside
that your new friend is here to stay...

uhmmm, deeeeeeep. For me, many factor determines if I can stay straight with my female friends without shagging. Of course it will cross my mind, but I weigh the consequence and check if it is worth it. And once those factors are well equated, then the *last thing on my mind will be to shag my female friend.

I know its quite easy for some ladies, and a few guys (am one of them *wink*), but then, does shagging your friend (female or male as the case may be) put a stop to the bond you share?

*Considering the possibility.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

2 + 8 = 10 ? 1 + 0 = 1

Somehow in my not so eventful yet exciting existence, I shall proceed to my 28th year on planet earth in now + 18days.

What does it feel like to be almost 28? Sexily Scary

What's one amazing thing in your life that no one knows about? Two of them actually. one is, I no go school, but somehow, I earn a 6 figure salary a month and I only get to work about 20hrs a month (ain't that cute). The second, you'll have to ask before I tell.

What's your plan for the next two years of your life? get a degree (everyone seem to be doing it) and a masters. oh! and find out if I truly smile in my sleep.

Who do you admire the most? Those who love me and keep it real.

Saddest moment of your 27+ years on earth? The day I... bbbwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh...

Happiest moment of your 27+ years on earth? Which of dem now, hen. It is plenty joo.

Who do you aspire to be? Someone that is 69 degrees from anything evil.

What's your five year goal? you asked me this before now.

No, It was the plan for the next two years Mr.unNaked: oh! em. Use this person's brain that they forgot in my head to the maximum before they realize it. I'll be sexily rich. ha-ha-ha. And I hear that it's lonely at the top, well, I want to go and find out. I'm taking a babe with me in case it's true. *wink*

Are you gay? Who told you that! hen?!

It's a question Mr. unNaked: oh!

Can you please answer he question? which one?

Are you gay? oh! that one?

Yes, that one: Mind your business! what has that got to do with me turning 28? hen? Infact, I no do interview again. *hiss* oya carry you kaya and vamoose!

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