Thursday, December 27, 2007

unNaked Theory of Choice

Everyone is born with the ability to make choices. Some with more options than others. One similarity is our choice making process. Everyone uses the same CLASS (blue print to those non-techie) to instantiate a choice.

Some choice are conscious, some subconscious, and some inherited. Choice when made can be kept alive through a process call repercussion, which can be either negative or positive. Choice is what shapes the objects of civilization, belief, life, death, etc.

Some choice have shorter life span than some, some last a life time, some last generations, and a very tiny few, eternity. The functions and properties of an instance of a choice are assigned at concept, with or without the full knowledge of the initiator.

As the theory of what brings what takes what goes: Only a choice can end another. Bear in mind that an instance of a choice after instantiated cannot be destroyed but can be transformed from one choice to another through a process call telemorphism (word may or may not exist. It popped in my head, and using it).

This rules applies to everything - from Creation, to Love, to War, to Eternity - and is the blueprint of existence as we have chosen to know.

Have a GREAT rest of the year, and a more positive choice New Year!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Trips is what makes it last forever. - unNaked Soul

My ideal partner is basically someone whose fire burns as wild as mine. I like a relationship with trips. Mad trips, not just regular trips. Check this:

At the beginning of every month, we shall give each other a sealed envelope that contains what we want as a gift (at an agreed upper limit price) for that month. Neither envelope is not to be opened. At the end of the month, both of us will present our gifts, well wrapped. Then we can open the envelope to find out if I bought her what she wants, and she what I want. The winner gains Love Point. To help make this fun, glues will be dropped every now and then at any moments we share. e.g. during sex, during shower, during cooking etc.
(I know I'll win most times... hehehehehe)

Trip 2
Have sex in our friends house when we visit without them knowing. We have to plan and be tactical about it. And we are going to do this in all our friends house, yes, even if our friend is the President of EU! We both get love points.
(We will both win here... hehehehehe)

Trip 3
Once in a while, we shall play I-can-make-you-cum-more-times-than-me. The deal is to use oral sex to get each other to reach orgasm with a time frame (3hrs). The person who gets the other to reach orgasm more wins! Winner gains love point.
(I'll definitely win! Because only penetration gushes me juice. LoL)

Trip 4
On certain weekends, we shall set out in the morning with phone bought specifically for this task, and a camera. The deal to get as much phone numbers and picture of random individual of opposite sex, and arrive home at 6pm prompt. First to get home gains Love Point, and the person with more collection gets Love Point. Then we can share the stories over a bottle of red wine.

Trip 5
Once in a month, we shall hook two random people up for dinner. These two random people are people we have known for maximum of 72hrs. I'll bring the guy, she'll bring the girl.

Trip 6
At least once in a months we shall spend an entire day naked indoors, alone.

Trip 7
Twice in a month, we take turn to dress each other up. It starts from the bedroom where I/she wake her/me up, wash brush her/my teeth, have her/my bath, clean her/me up, apply lotion on her/me, do her/my nail, pick the apparel, and prepare breakfast for her/me.

Trip 8
Share everything.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Over the years, I have come to realize that we are the product of our experience and our interpretation of our experience plus the hidden codes in our DNA. -unNaked Soul

Over the last few weeks, I have been longing for a different kind of life. Where did this want come from? I honestly don't know, but I want to believe that at the very foundation of my being lies the reason. In other to maintain the Gai Tosu Stance, I have managed to create a wish list, and maybe, just maybe, the SPIRIT of this season might work a MAGIC or two. Yes, I still believe in magic like some 7yr old... yea, go ahead, shag me!

My Wish List

I wish to have a proper relationship. Someone I can be faithful to, loyal to, depend on, cry freely to (when it hurts inside), make love to without any sad after-feelings, tell the truth to, be honest with, talk to, laugh with, have breakfast with, have lunch with, have dinner with, cook with, wash with, get naughty with, build things together with, and say those quite difficult to say words to. The list is long. Er, not marriage...yet. I want to enjoy a proper relationship for once. And have someone give back same stuffs.

I wish to have all that is required to run a proper relationship.

I wish my parents could come together, not leaving thousands of miles away. Relationships like that ain't my pot of gold.

I wish to have a new HEART.

I wish to make someone (at least one) extremely HAPPY this season.

I wish to be able to keep my word (I love doing that even though I fail most times)

I wish to be happy FOREVER.

Peoples, what do you wish for?

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Human Anatomy 101

For every situation you find yourself, always remember that you are the other half of the equation. -unNaked Soul

For those who belong to the reserved few please guard your mind, cos this might sound a bit offensive (I doubt it though, seeing that everyone has a bit a of naughtiness in them).

I am going to start by defining the most interesting part of human anatomy. An insight into the different species of the same class, with the same function, some performing better & sweeter than some.

First let me begin with female sex organ that falls under the class "pussicuntistoto". To save our tongue from getting crushed by our teeth, we shall refer this class of the female anatomy as the following: Pussy, Cunt, or Toto.

There are different types, and these are with description:

Volcanopuss: They erupt with the slightest provocation, by thought or otherwise. They drip seriously when in contact with anything (Words, Touch, Sight). They are my favourite type. And when they erupt, it is fireworks!

Steamytot: They let out steam only when struck by a rod or soft-touched by a tongue. They are perfect for slow grind.

CuntStill: These are the really tough ones. They can only be watered by balls juice or artificial liquid aka KY-Gel. These are really really annoying type.

Enough said, these organs have properties. I have taken the pain to list the properties of pussicuntistoto

Cunt Di: They only fuck Kings and Heir to multi-billion dollar empire. They've got no time for small time or mid type cocks, no matter how much they crow.

Cunt Dracula: Men, beware of this cunt. This kind of cunt has broken many relationships (even the heavily invested ones). You have a taste of this cunt and your life will never be the same.

Cunt Theresa: They are also know as the pacifiers. They pacify every hardened cock that comes their way. No! you don't have to pay for this kind. It is their duty to put to rest every restless cock.

Cunt Hades: These are the stock up cunts. They don't get any, and they burn inside. Even when a cock comes along, they act like they don't want any. They wind up as stuck-up-old-maid.

Cunt Nefertiti: Every cock wants to rod this cunt. You see it, you want it. So wonderful I tell ya. Keeps all cock nodding like Cadillacs from Dr. Dre's music video. But only few cock get the luck. Only a cock with the right spin can blow this one.

Cunt Diva: They choose their own rod. No matter what you do, they'll only rock your cock because they choose to, not because you are the fastest cock in the west. Cock teasers I call them!

Am not a fan of cocks if it isn't mine. So I spent less time studying them. But I have, due to inevitability, come up with some properties of cuntseekers aka cockamine

Cock Czar: Baddest cock of them all. Many men claim to be a cock czar but you and I know only few are.

Cock Anthony: These cock go after the cunt of their friends, or masters. They always have eyes on other people's cunt.

Cock Farquaad: Very aggressive cock I tell you. But they don't get any. Out of frustration, they pay people to fuck for them. They've got no steam.

Cock Octavia: The young boy cock every older cunt wants to cock and shoot.

Cock Ramses: This cock rams everything that looks or smells like a cunt. No mercy.

Cock Loki: These are the cunt teasers. Every cunt want to have a piece, but they only rod the cunt they choose. very mischievous I tell you.

Cock Hitler: These cocks are a disappoint I tell you. They start the race, but never finishes, leaving bunch of pissed off cunts... aka 2mins cockies.

End Note:
I am bold enough to tell you that I am Cock ____
See them, them wan know... :-P


Monday, December 03, 2007

Oops! Oh My

I had the most unBelievable weekend. My friend Lu was getting married, and I, unNaked Soul, was suppose to be the best man. And guess what? I did not attend the wedding.

Why? Big frigging question. but remind me not to fly Arik ever! Sad excuse for an airline. *hisssss*
It was partly my fault though, but they crowned it.

I hope he doesn't hold on this forever. *sigh*

Who else had an unBelievable weekend?

Let me find a blogger to blame.... hmmmmmmmm..... yes! RAYOOOOOOO! But it was lovely, thanks to you as well *wink*

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