Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How decisive are your decisions?

I was working earlier today when something hit me. Let me share. I got home from my usual rounds about town dealing with client issues (one currently has a red dot on my forehead, and another somewhere I cannot divulge due to the sensitivity of the matter) and paying off business partners (so i call them for lack of a more leechy name). I got home and as usual almighty PCHN has given it to me upper cut style. So I gave them a counter attack with a left hook to their chin by turning on my almost having liver problem Generator. Thats right. I got into my work area to turn on my laptop (A levono by the way. Don't ask and don't buy. My battery went from 2 1/2hrs to 0mins in 3months) and I was met with this decision: Should I plug my lone UPS, which is for the LCD TV in my sit-watchtv-playvideogames-miscellenousactivity room, to the laptop or should I plug it directly to source since I am currently running on gen and would know when PHCN decides to give us electricity so I can save my work, power off, and change power supply. I chose to plug directly to source and fashied the UPS.

A few minutes later, lets say 20, a knock came on the door twice and I wondered who it was. I knew at that time my younger brother is in the my sit-watchtv-playvideogames-miscellenousactivity room with his hands free connected to his ear blasting off songs from his Nokia Something-Something Phone's MP3 player. I knew also that I'll have to yell out his name before he could hear me. I was met again with this decision: Should I get the door or yell out my brother's name so he can get the door because I was feeling to lazy to stand up. I chose the former. The next thing I knew was, VVIAAP! power's gone, and my laptop too. Few seconds later, power came back on. Apparently, the knock was from my landlords house help informing us that PCHN has decided to bestow upon us the liberty of their electricity and my bother promptly switched over.

Then I began to ponder, if I had chosen to plug my laptop to the UPS as oppose to directly to power, my laptop would still be on and I would have been able to save my work. And If I had gone for the door I would know that PHCN power is back and save my work before switching over. Either way I would have won, but I didn't. Hmmm...

Well, I have decided to be...

unNakedly Yours,
unNaked Soul

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