Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where the sun sets

It sets right on my ass. If you doubt me, book an appointment to see. And its pay per view. Ladies only please. No you can't touch it!

My life has been a very busy one lately. I think I have ran my mouth too much that I've been having this avalanche of work waiting for me daily. I now realize how lazy I really am. So right now, am doing double time just to make sure I meet deadlines and put smile on some people's face.

I can't wait to disappear for like two weeks and worry about nothing but how deep I can sleep, how many movies I can watch in a day, how many bottle of red wine I can finish before I get knocked out, how fat I can get in 2weeks, how long I can go doing this 'n' that...

Sorry I have to get back to work... The phone is ringing... again *sigh*

Sometimes I feel like a POW (Prisoner of Work)... heck, it pays the bills, and funds my red wine habit. *wink*

P.S. Catwalq, where's what you promised me before I burst a nut. :-P

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Tales from the past

Long time ago, there lived a boy who almost got his ass kicked.

I remember while I was at Keffi studying for my IJMB examination. (I think I finally lost it there :-?). Anyways, I was this young flirt always getting away with free kisses from the girls who thought I was cute. Well, I met this babe, cute, petite and all. We became friends (without benefits of course) and we were just cool. Somewhere up the line of joblessness, she started dating this guy, LA, whom every sane lazy fucker keep at least one mile distance from.

One sweet sexy evening, I met the babe in front of her hostel having a mild conversation with one of the "bodyguards" of LA. I carry my lepa self with all smiles and joined the conversation. And me being the harmless flirt, starting chatting away like a machine gun in the hands of a psych reject. The babe was feeling my steeds, and me, I didn't know I was sowing seeds of trouble. Apparently, the goon felt I was trying to shine his boss's congo.

After about 30mins, I saw beautiful Amina walking by looking so stressed up. I excused myself and went to talk with her. Amina wasn't feeling to good, malaria or something, and she needed drugs. I volunteered to get the drugs for her.

Fast forward to 20mins later. Me, I was far away in town at some chemist purchasing drug for beautiful Amina, when my lazy friends where getting kicked and shaken up like bag of potatoes over their inability to provide me. What happened? Well, goon went to report to eccentric LA that I was making passes at his girl. ha-ha. LA did not find that funny. He search all the corners of the school looking to give me a good ass whopping.

When I returned back to school, gave beautiful Amina her drugs, got a kiss, I went to my friends dorm. And the next thing they said in a God Panic was, "Omo, you better hide as far as you can, cos LA has been here with like 8 other of his boys looking for you. He said you were toasting his wife." I said "hen? why? I no toast him babe now." They said "Tell that to his angry looking crew and the bottle of Channel O he was holding. Your asewo-ness has gotten you into trouble."

I was petrified the least to say. Because, my friends all look scared when I entered the room, I bet they thought it was LA. Some of them have chopped some nice slaps. LOL.

The next day, I saw one of his paddies, Pupa, and told him what happened the night before, and he said I shouldn't worry, that he'll talk to LA. I left Pupa and was heading to the cafeteria, there he was, LA. His goon came to me and said "LA wants to see you." In head I was like "gen gen, e don be!"

LA saw me and started smiling, he said, "oh, so na you be the guy wey I for trash yesterday. Abeg no vex, make make i buy you beer?"

In my mind I was like "this dude was going to kick the flirt out of me yesterday, and now, he's offering me beer. pretty strange."

I said sure, why not. From then on, I & LA became so close that my friends where asking, wft did you say to him...

Moral of the story: Flirting can be a bitch sometimes. and always help beautiful Aminas when they are not feeling to well. *wink*

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Monday, September 03, 2007

unReal Reality

Diamonds & Rubies are some people's favourite
Love & Family are others'

My life is a constant miracle or at least (for lack of the right word)
Things happen just like that
No known explanation for them
A life where meaning & purpose is the journey not the destination
A life where questions are the answers
Sometimes I want to say it is a bit topsy-turvy
but... nah, It is just what it is
I wake up everyday with little or no plan
And everything seem to just fall in place like a game of tetrix
I go to bed without thinking of anything in particular
well, er, maybe big dreams of reality to come
Life has a way of squeezing humour out of every situation
And trust me, from me alone, she has a planet load to last her all eternity
Not like I mind, but then I wish for certain things
Which will always bring me to ask
What is the purpose of the purpose?
There she goes again... The questions are the answers.
It's like am trapped in a grey world
It's like dipping your left leg in cold water and your right leg in warm water
It's like listening to soul in one ear and hard rock in another
It takes a lot of trouble to concentrate on one feeling at a time
yet you feel the weight of both...

But guess what? I won't trade it for another kind.
My life... Beautifully unNaked.

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