Saturday, May 24, 2008


The world is going crazy. A world where billions of dollar is spent making war stories while billions are living beneath poverty line. A world where selected few thrives from the misfortune of unsuspecting many. A world where greed and "economic" growth is the death of the planet and no one seem to care or at least enough to make a visible turn around. Our world is bleeding, and there are not enough nurses to cater to it.

I have observed that many people due to what I cannot understand at the moment thrive on making other people feel less important so they can be more important. Although no one can make anyone feel less important without their consent, but then nature made hierarchy for a reason, just make sure you're hanging on the more favourable level of the pyramid. I have this rather silly idea that everyone should be treated as equal (yea right!), but then even in "heaven" the equality rule does not apply, therefore there is truth in the saying "Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Happiness - if ever made into a tablet would make the most expensive shit ever, and possibly the most abused substance. Some people would make sure it runs on short supply and only available to those who are sad enough to drop top cheese for a dose or two. No wonder happiness comes as a second base object rather than first base object. Too broad to be contained. unNakedly speaking, this simply means happiness like water has no form. It simply takes the form of its container. It cannot be acquired as an object but instead be aquired through other objects. Hapiness is ultimately defined by one's limited experience. Money many would say cannot buy happiness, true, because nothing can buy happiness, but it very well can deliver a defined level of happines based on ones limited understand of happiness. Happiness is a state of the mind which like water you get thirsty for every second of your life. Like water you'll have to fetch it with a container - Money, Clothes, Love, Shoes, Perfume, Sex, Diamond, Wine, Chocolate, House, Family, Friends, Car, Alcohol, Drugs, and to some fucked up cunts - WAR and its entourage.

The world is going crazy, and am running wild with it. Sooner or later, we'll all see that this whole planet is one balling mental institution.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wanna go to rehab

That you have seen me naked doesn't mean you have seen my private part. - unNaked Soul

I have met so many people in my life, well not so many, and I have an obsession to how they carry on. Their thought pattern, eating habit, health consciousness, love life, sex life (rates top actually), basic instinct, belief system, character matrix, and behavioural pattern. Just the other day I was having a conversation with a friend about a lady who stated that she flies only first class everytime. He is of the opinion that the lady does it for efizi sakes. I defended her (even though I don't know her) saying what if she does it for comfort sakes considering she can afford it. He went further to argue that a lot of "her type" generally do things so that people can associate them with that kind of lifestyle not necessarily for the comfort, and that business class offers just about the same comfort for less the amount. My question is, why are people so interested in other people's lives, and why are some people interested in other people taking interest in their lives?

I think about sex three quater of the time when I am not sleeping, eating, working, drinking water, eating, walking, have a conversation, doing presentation, and having my bath... and one fourth of the time I am doing all the above mentioned activities. A girl once told me she would do anything for her man sexually... Anything. And she sees no reason why he should be fooling around. That certainly raised the hair on my body, but control is the keyword. So I maintained. Is sex really enough? I would like to carry out a research to know how long any intimate relationship would last without sex. Not suppressed but sex made irrelevant while other areas of the relationship is hightened. Like the cuddling, going out (dinner, lunch, breakfast, movies, party, etc), gift exchange, and smooching. Talking about smooching, when all that sensitive spots are strummed like a guiter string, and all that sweet sounds are let out, where can orgasm be pegged? Take sex away, will it come crashing?

Everything comes naturally. I woke up many mornings ago and DING! No more cigarettes. No urge whatsoever. No more kpoli. No urge whatsoever. I faught this for many months, quit a number of times only to pick it up at the height of boredom, lonliness, and maybe depression. Just to wake up one day with no plans of quitting and its gone, just like it came. I wake up everyday with at least one miracle as I'll love to call it, and viola, I woke up with this one. Goodbye nicotine and Mary J. I'll miss the lonely times we spent together and the high times we shared. Sorry, nature has taken her toll again...

My life ain't in shit compare to over five million people who recently lost their homes/families/friends. It simply poked my side to alert me that if I don't appreciate what I have now and build on it, I might loose it and worse wake up dead. Regardless, I still want more doing less. But then, what do I want?

Ultimately, stop the bullshit. Universally speaking, What is really going on?!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

unScrewing my mind

There are some people you just fuck, and then there is the one you keep fucking. That is the one you should keep.
- My thought on INFIDEL-HITTING

Love making is not the same as fucking. One involves just the mind and the other just the body. One takes a longer time to be established and the other can be established in minutes (I heard some people get it done in a few seconds)

Like wine, just screw it with the right cork and see how long it would last.
- My thought on CELLAR MARRIAGE

If I am a man, I will screw only women. If I am a woman, I will screw both men and women.
- My thought on BOLTING THEORY

The only thing that exist outside time, space, and eternity is memory.
- My thought on the BIG BANG BANG

If blogville were a real city... I hold my thought.
- My thought on A CITY OF WORDS

What do you think would happen if women reach orgasm as fast as men do?
- My thought on ORGASMIC SPEED

Live like you mean it, because after NOW, its all memory...

P.S. I had a shave. You need to see my balls... Shinning!

Thank you everyone for your comments.

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