Wednesday, November 28, 2007

un Quote

On Humanity: Until the truth about our past is known, our future will forever remain in chaos.

Success to me is measured by the amount of sane moments that I experience. No achievement is greater than my sanity.

-unNaked Soul

I was having a conversation just yesterday, and somewhere along the line, she said "I will not do anything unless my boy friend approves..."

I asked "Are you saying that you don't have an identity of your own that you have to hid behind the shadows of your boyfriend?"

She said "Yes!"

I responded "Do you think your boyfriend would identify with you when it comes to making the same decision? In fact don't answer..."

I cannot understand a woman who has no identity of her own, especially when she molds her existence around another man. *sigh*

Heck! We all have our weaknesses, don't we?

May the universe give face to the faceless...


Monday, November 26, 2007

A woman's prayer

Human: Made by God, Stored by Man, Powered by Woman. -unNaked Soul

Dear God, I stand humbly on my kneels to ask a few things from you. First let me say thank you to the years that I have lived within your grace, and the ones to come. I thank you for the bosom gift after a few years of my time on this planet, the garden that started growing under, plus the extra padding; they sure drive those boys mad.

I want to complain a little bit about the red sea, is there another way? I know I'm not suppose to question your design, but am just curious. Because sometimes I get really cranky and it affects me negatively, but I cope. Then most times I get crazily horny, but I can't do. I just want you to know sha.

There are some things that are bothering which I bet you know already, but I'll just say it make e for no lost - sorry about my bad english Father. Anyhow sha, these are my request:

I want a man of my own who supports me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A man who is a randy goat but responds only to my estrogen scent. A man who is ready to take me to lala land without his car breaking down just moments after ignition. A man who has multi-function tongue - that is a smooth talker, and a... Father, you know what I mean.

Another request is, is it possible for you to redesign the reproduction process? This is my thought: When a man strafs a woman or vice versa, is it possible for us to get pregnant, and the man to start growing boobs like us? You see, our own boobs is going to be strictly for beautifying our form, while the male boobs will be strictly for feeding the baby. As soon as I get pregnant, the man responsible will start growing boobs, that way I can grow old in peace without worrying about how silly my boobs look after child birth.

You see, it is not entirely selfish. Let me explain: Before a man sleeps with a woman, he will have to think twice because, if he gets a woman pregnant, he will grow boobs. That way he cannot deny the damn pregnancy. And that way we both share responsibilities. I think the number of sexual abuse on women will reduce to a contained amount. What do you think Father? If you agree, I'll let you in on the whole scope.

My last request is, can you install the following software in male man:

how-women-feel 5.0
how-women-think 6.9
menstrual-pain 1.0 (with monthly upgrade)

Maybe the world will be a better place, because in my opinion, I think the male man is obsolete, and if care isn't taken, they will go into extinction, and there'll be no one to fuck us. As much as I wish for you to strike that gay bitch shouting yay, but I'll pass, cos we need to multiply.

Father, in my limited knowledge of how things work, I ask thee for consideration of my request. AMEN.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 Weird things about me

Warning to all those who think I am all mouth and no game (thou knowest thyself, I no go name names): "I shall loose my tongue upon those who doubt me, and they shall be struck with a thunderous orgasm!" unNaked Soul

Weird 1: I don't talk much in the morning until I brush my teeth. My own early-morning-smelling mouth irritates me. yuck! And my early morning mood is too matured for my taste.

Weird 2: I've imagined naked and gbenshed every gbenshable babe I have ever met - in my mind. I do this to tell if I should gbensh her, have her as a friend, or just fashi her. A huge part of my decision making process when I meet a woman... Separating the muse from the wuss.

Weird 3: I turn words into images before I can understand them. Sounds means nothing to me unless they carry a form.

Weird 4: My immune system is maaaaaad. I believe if the mind is sick, the body is. I have a healthy mind to say the least. :-P

Weird 5: I don't count my money. And don't know the price of most things I buy. Am impulsive. I like it, I get it. Pick up stuff from the store, take 'em to the counter, get the total, and pay.

Weird 6: Please don't look directly into my eyes, unless I do first. heeeeeey... noooooooo.... stopiiiiiiit...

Weird 7: I walk on a straight line when I walk alone...

Weird 8: I can roll my tongue... comes handy when am _____ *wink*

Am tagging you! yes you!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I read Jaybabe's blog post and said to myself "You didn't have it this bad, but you stopped waiting and moved on... alone"

We've all been through one form of struggle or the other, and to us they weigh just as much as other people's regardless of the magnitude and/or the situation.

As the popular saying goes: God bless the child that can hold its own...

I run a life where all I have is my instinct and my dream. Nothing else. I am a dreamer, and I try to use my dream to carve out my what you would refer to as reality. And once my reality doesn't not fill the same space that my dream occupies, I move into the OR. Time for some serious surgery. And somewhere during the surgery procedure, I cut of cells that I instinctively see preventing growth. The process hurts. I'll perish if I lie. To survive, my world developed hormones for quick healing, not without leaving a scar to remind me of what was and the pain that results out of. It stings.

I have learned to use my dream as a light to survive; visions of indescribable occurrent fills my before many a time with little or no knowledge what they be. My only tool to uncover these visions is a tool of absolute precision, and what I'll advice everyone to take very good care of... TIME.

As ugly as it may, a new wave has begun, it falls on the mare side of my vision. A nightmare. My wings are opening, preparing to lift up to higher grounds gaurding my sanity inflight. There'll be no surgery, no scar, but there'll be momories. And bad memories, I promise you, hurts a million ton more than scars. The gravity of burden I shall bear might want to weigh me down, prepared, I shall muster all the thrust in my guts. Some close ones might get burnt from the steam I shall give off. Especially those I might be leaving behind. My heart is little and fragile, only so much I can take.

Even as my heart bleeds from ethereal shock, I regenerate and adapt to my new found height.
Secrets are like bubbles of pain we make, floating around in the open, and becomes visible when they burst, spreading pain like tuberculosis. Unlike wine, it gets worse with time.

There's so much shit you have to go through to get out of the gutter. And a baptism of fresh experience is required to wash away the stench of your past.

Ganja-ly speaking, God is a spider - and we are all entagled in her web - sitting at the centre observing all things with her all seeing eyes.

Equipped with TIME, I shall screw until my dream comes.

God bless the weak, and sustain the strong. May it be.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

unEcclesiastically Thinking

I once heard that those who don't know what they want are the ones that suffer the most. No doubt I say. Life presents us with opportunities within our reach, and some people stretches beyond reach to touch what most people would refer to as impossibilities. They make the difference.

I feel emotional connection to everything around me, and the things I experience but I sometimes lack the vocal abilities to effectively communicate this. These emotions carries electrons, and the number of electrons each emotion particles carries, determines their rank in the periodic table of my hard-to-understand elemental life. Medically speaking, the right side of my brain that creates the emotion is more powerful than the left were these vocal abilities are formed. Whatever!

The things we want overshadows the things we need. More that 90% of the time we don't want what we need, and more than 50% of the remaining almost 10% when we want what we need, we do it because of the desperate situations we find ourselves, and the other almost 50% of the remaining almost 10% when we want naturally what we need, we not only get it, we also feel absolutely fulfilled. Now this doesn't happen all the time, that's why it falls in the smaller areas of our entire life.

Someone please call me a shrink, hot and voluptuous please, loves her pink, and talks with ease. There is a voice in my head that is clearly not my own. It is deep, sure, and toned.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Every Fanny has a heart, that is why they behave funny when treated badly. - unNaked Soul

Gently I held her face in my hands staring straight into her eyes as if I was searching for the blueprint of her mind. She smiled. I smiled back with a little giggle at the end. I took her mouth with mine, the softness of her lips was like early morning breeze. We kissed, slowly. There was no need to hurry. I knew where I was going and the time was saying "don't rush"

I noticed she was enjoying the sequence and rhythm of our tongues clashing once in a while like two samurai defending their honour. Her pelvic was moving slowly up and down bumping against mine gentle. I knew she wanted more. I had all the time in the world. Like guys at Pixar would say "You can't rush art".

I love my kissing, and no Mars will take that from me. I placed my hands over her breast, and she arched her back towards me like Spanish ballerina. I squeezed gently 'cos in my mind's eyes I saw written on them "handle with care". And with care I squeeze, but a bit harder - soft hard. She arched more. I moved my hands to her back, first tracing the contours of her sides. This made her let a soft moan. I giggled.

I took off her top, laid her on the couch, and resumed kissing. I let my hands brush past her now very erect nipples, and she grabbed my back with one hand and push my head to deepen the intensity of our kiss. With one hand I fondled with the clips of her bra, I took them out one after the other. Her boobs poped like two heated corn seeds. Behold, the mountain!

She helped me take off my shirt, after which I settled to a sweet delicacy of Nipples on Jelly Rocks. I teased her nipple with my tongue, then covered it with my lips. I sucked and flicked my tongue around them in circles. Slowly, then accelerating; flicking in circles. She moan as I was doing this. She grabbed my now very stiff fuck wand, I knew she was about to flip. But i wasn't done. I moved to the other breast, who at this point is begging for some attention. I immediately wrapped my mouth around her, then she grad my head with both hands and pushed against her mold.

While on the appetizer, I found her jeans button and unbuttoned, then unzipped. I took off her jeans pants, she was wearing a black underwear. I almost came! I love black lacy underwear. I gave a thank-you-for-wearing-a-black-underwear kiss that lasted a long while. I left her lips and moved down to her neck, enjoying the sweetness of her perfume, slowly moving down, kissing every part of her body like some kind of ritual. When I hit a sensitive spot, she would let out a moan. I ran my lips over to her sides, moved to her left mold, grazed her nipples, rested my tongue between the valley, and up to the right mold, grazed past her nipples, and over to her sides. I moved slowly towards her pelvic, grabbed her lacy underwear with my teeth, and made it snap back. I giggled.

I turned her over, and ran my lips all over her back, ran across her spine from her neck. I turned her over, and gently took off her lacy underwear. she was mildly shaved. I could feel her soft pubs as I ran my hands over. I looked at her and smiled with a giggle at the end. I bent over and proceed to the main course.

The moment my lips found hers, she moaned with reckless abandon. She arched her pelvic into my face, while I ran y tongue over her clit. I pressed my mouth deep in so that I can grab every inch of her clit. I flicked my tongue fast over, and suck and pull at interval. She shook like a Nokia 2100 on vibrate mode. I kept on and on and on and on and on, sucking and licking, gently biting in between, until she started screaming"oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!" continuously while pounding her fanny against my mouth. Thus, she came!

That certainly wasn't the first woman I gave an Oscar, and she won't be the last!

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Monday, November 12, 2007


In the end when we all come to, it's all transparent underneath. Life is colourless, we are all born as artist to paint as far as our imagination... unNaked Soul

I remember like yesterday my first Orgasm. It was self induced. I amost freaked out (maybe I did) cos the feeling was so new and pulled with it was that w-a-o-h effect. Amazing I must say. Curiosity, as always, drove me to my first orgasm. It was like a personal visit to my mind's abode. The peace (albeit short), it was like an electric shock that ran through my spine to all the corners of my brain waking up all those dead sides of my head. And from then, my life was never the same. That was the begining of my weirdness, and the unExplainable miracles that happens everyday in my not so fascinating life.

My first contact with Ms. Fanny was two years later. She showed me what a real orgasm should feel like. It was very brief the first time. It was like touching on the moon, and bouncing off into space. My fuck wand brushed past Ms. Fanny, who was very wet with excitement - a virgin Ms. Fanny, and I came. No penetration. I offloaded. I bounced into space. Star burst! pfooof!

My second contact with Ms. Fanny was not my fuck wand cos I realized he was an amateur and shoot stars even before I could finish saying all the magic words in totopedia book of fanny feelings. I decided to send forth my mouth. My first word to Ms. Fanny was "LICK".

My third contact with Ms. Fanny was when I planted the unNaked flag in the Juicy Altar of Ecstasy, my fuck wand was ready, thus I was blessed with my first real orgasm. hmmmmmmm.... I remember like yesterday. I let my mind record everything: The Felt from the walls of Ms. Fanny, The Texture, The Wetness, The excitement, The *sigh*... Everything... That kind of experience is not what you hurry up with... I took mental note of all the sensations I felt. My life afterwards can only be described using one word... ORGASMIC.

The rest is never like the first. As a new experience, it is bound to make greater impact on your psychic than subsequent similar experience. As a mental artist, I try to weave the experience with other Ms. Fanny, but only extremely few (think 3) have I been able to weave the universe into a second with while making it seem like eternity...


Sunday, November 04, 2007

My unDerwear

I was having this conversation with a good friend of mine, and somewhere along the thread, we got to a part where she said her boyfriend at one time asked her what would she do if he rips her underwear from her. She replied saying "I'll wipe the silly out of you..."

Hmmm... The funny thing is, he did not understand what she meant and she did not care to explain. But the truth of the matter is that she was wearing a 200pound a set underwears and no act of passion can justify the ripping of her underwear.

My dear ladies, gentlemen, and hornymen (esp. Ubong Da), what would you do if during the act of passion, your partner rips off your expensive underwear. Will you like my sweet friend wipe the silly of the face of your partner or just flow with the current?

Imagine in the madness of wanting to get down and gbensh the jagbajantis out of your heads, then your patner pulled the brake with a screech only to say "sorry hun, this is my 90pounds boxers', becareful..." or "sorry hun, this jet black sexy lacey bra cost 110pounds, chill..."

What would I do? Ha-ha! I don't wear underwear the days I know I'll be getting gbensh'd (Like women, I know when am going to get any. I don't hustle) Just my rule. It gets in the way of passion. Besides I love my nakedness, even though my soul is unNaked... *wink*

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Friday, November 02, 2007


Contributing to global orgasm and advocating for sustainment of all elements that contributes to a heart warming effect for all relationship is one of my million goals. The green envy emission you inhale is just a byproduct of a cause gone wrong. - unNaked Soul

I have resolved over the last decade to stay away from any of my friend's intending/girlfriend/wife. From my experience, it is a very reasonable resolution which might save my unNaked yansh from yawa. I have encountered over a dozen and half cases, and few led to a shag.

Case 1:
H & P are both friends of mine. And as a matter of fact, I knew H before I knew P. P told me of his intention to date H which I clearly have no issue with. I & H have this unSpoken bond between us, but heck, no one is talking. Once in a while she'll tell me P doesn't play his role as she wants; you know, the cuddling, smooching, etc. I said, well, maybe he's not the cuddling smooching kind of guy, or he's just hasn't come to that yet.

One fateful day, P & H came visiting. While P was in the living room watching The Matrix, I was busy performing CPR on H. And she was loving it. Mid way through the movie, P was stunned by one of the mad Matrix Effect and wants to share it with me, so he burst into my room to find I & H locked in a serious kissing session. That moment changed his life.

Case 2:
O is a close friend of mine whom I met through another close friend of mine. O started dating M at some point. He was new to this love game, so he comes to me for advice. I threw him a few tricks here and there, he's happy, and am pleased. On some occasion, M would tell me how he wants O to do more as a guy, and I would tell her to chill, that he'll come to that soon.

One fateful day, M came visiting O. O was cooking so I was left to keep M company. And as usual, NEPA carry their load, so it was dark. Before I could say "horny honey", we were locked in a passionate kiss while O was some where in the room, but he could see us. M started stroking my now hard fuck stick, and boy was I responding... I couldn't hold it anymore, so I got up and told O "dude, you babe is horny, go and fuck her right now!" he asked me the dumbest question ever "how you take know?" and I said "you are wasting precious fucking time by interrogating me, just go in there and fuck her senseless!"

2hours later, he called me a genius, and thanked me like I gave him another life. Shiiiit! Only if he knew.

Case 3:
N & D are two very only-God-knows-what kind of lovers. I've helped solve a lot of dispute between them and it hurts to see them tear themselves apart in the times that they do. Two very cute couple, what else do they want? Anyways, one sweet day while I was jonesing off in lala land, I felt a wet tongue split my mouth in two. At first I thought one of my friends has gone gay on me, so I woke up with a shock, almost yelling WTF! Lo and Behold, N was staring straight at my face and laughing at my obvious shock. and she asked if I liked it, and I responded with a hell yea! And every now and then, we'd steal time for a nice kissing session.

I have cautioned myself to keep away from friend's intending/girlfriend/wife. I rather them think am snobbish or eccentric rather than committing. I don't go more than the usual Hi & Hello. And when the conversation is about to get a little bit longer than that, I excuse myself with a huge smile on my face.

And there is a temptation am about to face again. A friend's fiancee. And am going to stay away as long as I can, cause this is going to be so unFuckgivable!

Is anything wrong with me?

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