Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mystery is the chemical that preserves anything dipped into it for enternity - unNaked Soul

Many found happiness in your playground, and many sadness
How is it possible?
Could this be you?
An entity with multiple personality
Could this be you?
As much as I tell to myself the possibility, you are too sweet to be two.

I can't but help to admire the colours of your garment
Made from a million and one beautiful thoughts
Perfectly seamed with the threads of time
Embroidered with beads of innocence
No wonder many fall into your embrace without a second thought
I wonder who made you that dress
I want one too
Heavy, you say?
How come something so beautiful be so heavy?
Oh really?
The heart grows to fit in?

The drama you bring sets you at the center stage of the world
At the center of everyone's heart
The molten core of every solid feelings
You are soft yet solid on the surface
Permit me to reach your depth and be engulfed in the warmth of your center
To explode with desires and be reborn as a solid representation of your beauty.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

iDeas Anyone?

I am gathering data on this project am working on. Please send me an email or comment on the following:

What list of puzzles/questions/task would put before soon-to-be-married couples to check how compatible or how well they know/understand each other?

Please send answer through my comment or send to

On the lighter side: what is the most obvious thing about you that everyone that knows u know?

Anyone with the correct answer wins a prize.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Past weeks and other stories

History is a never ending story. Only fairy tales have endings. The future is to be continued. -unNaked Soul.

My laptop crashed! bwwwaaaaaa!!! I got another one *snif* *snif* But I need my data!!!! bwwwaaaaa!

I quit my former employment! YAY! I've got deals all lined up and signed! Tripple YAY!!!

The dumbest shit happened. My landlord's daughter's driver (e long o) stole her ATM card and withdrew (e correct?) N35,000 in three N10,000 installments and a N5000. Thanks to GTB, she got instant notifications. That guy dey lie like evil spirit.

Just had a god-moment awareness that money can make you horny oh! No joke. I had a few thousand and I went on a sweet mouth spree, ice-cream and chocolates, like a woman on sex diet.

Went to FBP at Alpha beach. Princesa caught Fantasy Queen scoping me. If I lie check facebook. I was looking all sticki-iki and off the buckles men. LoL. Anyways, friends had a good laugh when they caught me staring at her like a kid who's looking at a candy store through its glass window. Sorry fantasy queen, you didn't see that, neither was it caught on camera. I fit deny am.

I remember when I was in the world, when I use to attend church and fellowship; then as a kid (well, up to when I was like 15), I use to sing this song "I'm married to Jesus, satan leave me alone..." Thinking back now, I just realized how gay it was. The girls would burst their vocal cords over that number and we the boys would pop a vain so Jesus knows we love him and forcefully marry him with or without his consent or a ceremony. We just didn't know we are making a polygamist and a gay out of the cool dude, and we didn't care, we just wanted to make heaven . He'll understand I guess.

P.S. Swing. Life is too short.

I had another weird dream: I saw the sea and the air filled with war machines in their thousands, the cloud was dark because of the number of flying war machines; destination? New York.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Next Flight

If my life is an experiment, then am making it a fucking A-Bomb - unNaked Soul

Just a note to everyone, esp. Afrobabe (who thinks am an ashewo) I AM STILL INNOCENT. I think. :-D

A lot has been happening to me lately. And it is time for me to reflect and figure out what's best for me. I am moving to the next level of my experimental evolution.

I resigned from my current employment. They have served their purpose long enough. Don't freak out. Am fine. I've been looking for a reason to, and like everything else in my life, it fell right on me hands. I have a thousand and one rooms opened as we speak, and trust me, I love bedrooms. *wink*

I've been having this reoccuring dream of me flying by just thinking about flying. Flying is an amazing experience. Anyone with interpretation? I know the african thingy would say I have been initiated into some kind of coven. I see clear blue sky when I fly, so find me a better interpretation. CATWALQ?

P.S. Please visit I find his blog funnily interesting...

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