Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ssshhhhh side of life

Being away from Blogville has made me seem like a social recluse. No doubt. Having all these interesting things going around blogville is like living a second life, and not feeding it with enought energy to survive. Every click of the mouse and typing http://xxxx.blogspot.com or http://www.xxxxx.com has become some kind of solar energy that powers my somehow immaculately conceived second life.

Having to face seeing one client to the other, from a Pepsi to a BankPHP, I can't help but put those clicks and types into my supposed "real" life. Well, am back, checking everything from Blogville Idols to what's the latest trend and also to ask one question.

Ever since I lost my mojo and got it back, there is this question that keep lurking at the back of my balls... What is it about sex? Overrated or just what it is? What if conception can only be achieved through the fish-model? You know, the female dumps here "whatever" somewhere and the male just piss on it. Would we still scream "sacrilege" on sunday/friday/saturday at the pulpit or any other alter of "worship" and "teachings" of the good word when I dip my love stick into that woman's love well, just because some nuts hasn't been tied?

My take on this? Sex like everything else is just what it is. The abuse of it thereof might be negatively consequential, other than that, I love the feeling of orgasm. Who doesn't?

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Lost in thought

All hail the unNaked King of Fantasy.

Wedding Day
The alter, an outdoor edifice, built specifically for the occasion. Path to the altar paved with rose petals and jasmine on top of the beautifully made and cultivated naturally grass as green as they where intended. All guest seated in a Fashion show style, all looking radiant as the guest list is carefully picked (no mo gbo mo ya). The bride beautifully dressed in white with a bit of something to match the rose petals. And don't forget her crown (swarovski's).

Aston Martin parked outside ready to take me and my queen into the sunset where we will shut ourselves away from the world and do what no adult has ever done! Sorry grooms men and bridesmaid, get busy with each other or get laid, two is a crowd already. Sorry papa & mama, relatives and co, you can take pictures as we step to do the do do just like runway style and Hollywood red carpet stuvz, get your cameras ready, cos if you miss the opportunity to take pictures then, well, that's sad... you can wait until 40days later when we return from our unDiscussed Location.

Something happened
I have to start walking like a bloody gorrilla from now one. Because e be like say my steps dey turn some men on. I've started a private class somewhere around Ikoyi - how to walk like a bloody ape and be a man.

Another thing
I lost my need to shag for a while (like loosing my mojo). Someone special told me I had other things that are more important than my mojo (what could be?). Anyways, it's back and am as horny as Santa (that guy doesn't get laid, or does he?)

What's going on?
Blogville Idols... Wicked shit... I love the blogville people. very creative bunch!

Current Number of crush

Current Number of stalker

New Things
Tetrix Luggage of Issues (TLI) - Someone with a lot of issues

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