Thursday, May 31, 2007

Know them by their tag

I was tagged by Urban Butterfly...
Rules are:
* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

- I ask too many questions
- I love anything that comes in orange and grey
- I can't multitask
- I like silver & platinum like colors better that gold
- I get bored easily
- I like punning
- I'm very naughty... VERY
- I think my brain is not mine (It knows some things that I know that I don't know)

I'm tagging:
- Ms Zee
- Overwhelmed
- Ugo Daniels
- TMinx
- Omohemi
- Gemini Girl
- Vera (if she's out of rehab)
- Dolly


unNaked Soul

He was born naked, now he's unNaked...

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Covalent Bond

Aren't relationships a beauty? Well, only the good ones. Like people they exist, live, multiply, come in different colors, grow old, and somewhere along happiness and fulfillment, they die.

Lets characterize what we do (our words & actions) as electrons and they can be positively charged or negatively charged. The positive ones keeps your partner feeling like an unNaked Kid with a bowl of icecream - Happy. While the negative ones gets your partner going like an unNaked Kid with constipation - unHappy.

In a relationship, would you share electrons like the honey-am-cheating-on-you or honey-that-was-a-lie or honey-I-don't-love-you-anymore? or honey-am-not-in-the-mood. Some electrons, if shared,can make a partner, regardless of who, loose their gaddamn mind. Is it in the bond's best interest that certain electrons are not given away sometimes times, but not all the time?

There some information that are supposed to be shared and some, well, just add them to your piggy bank of nasties. As much as I'll love to know everything, there are some things I don't want to know about a partner. Just don't tell me. And as much as I am compelled to tell you everything, which of course I find it quite easy to do, I can't tell a partner certain things.

So now the questions are:
How valent is your bond with your partner?
How valent should the bond be?
How covalent should couples be?

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

unDer Construction

A lot of people have being complaining about the road to salvation. Their complaint is that the road is too narrow. Because of the magnitude of people who wish to gain salvation and the fight (aka religious war, aka the order, aka the big unAnswered question) that usually occur on that road, They (won’t name names) have decided to expand the road. For the mean time, the road to salvation is closed for construction.

Survey has show that the path to destruction is getting seemly empty and lonely by the second. A huge mistake was made having that road really wide. For emergency travel to salvation, an airlift has been made available to the desperados, but there are no assurances that you’ll want to come down from that height when youfinally reach salvation. There are chances you'll experience change in pressure as the altitude increases.

There are different packages that can get you depending on your level of fear of height, speed, or flying. These are:

- Cocaine Express
- Morphine Transit
- Mary J- et
- Sexcruise

But for those with enough supply of patience can wait at heaven’s door or have fun at the unNaked Kingdom. *wink*

P.S. Sorry the news is coming to you at this time; it is due to circumstance beyond the deliveryman’s control. So if you’ve been going through any particular road, it is just one of the many alternate route paved by groups known as the DF (Desperate Few). I can’t vouch where they’ll lead you to as I have no intel on it. I’m and just a message boy plus this message is 6999yrs old.

I found the thing that killed the dinosaurs.
It's my internet connection, but the thing
can't kill me. It won't let me post comment
on blogs. Bloody cancer called internet
connection cant get me.
Am unNaked Soul, BITCH!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


They sat in my presence saying all manner of things. I listened carefully and paid attention to every detail in their words and expression, how much they weigh and meaning thereof. It was all a bid to pitch to me want they want me to do. Life I understand completely, is complex. How do we tell?

I said to them "If you would please follow me, I have something to show you."

They sat down speechless. In their hearts they wondered how a young man like me can have such capacity to command grown ups like them. They asked "Where do you want us to follow you to?"

I told them "If you would please follow me, I shall reveal a few things."

We drove out into the city, they sat down calmly with puzzled look on their faces. For about nine minutes no one said a thing.

Then I said to them "please take a look at the people you see walking on the street and those driving." I can feel their uneasiness. In my heart I smiled.

One asked "What is the meaning of this unNaked Soul?"

I replied "If you would please be patient with, I shall tell you."

After about eighteen minutes, I said "Isn't it funny how we all move up and down and we seem to hold and loose focus at the same time? Can you hear the voices? The voice for a better direction."

One asked "what do you mean?"

I said "Do you know that the heart makes a sound? ssshhhh... Maybe we can hear that sound...."

There was silence.

I continued "Naaah. I doubt if anyone can hear that. Isn't it funny how close how heart is but we can't hear it beat? How then can we hear the distant whispers of direction? You see these people, they either want to control or be controlled. The later is harder to do, so they all settle for the former, very easy to do, yet they are all obsessed with the later. And in their little corner they exercise the former forgetting that they are only reflecting what goes on in the larger corner. They are all being controlled."

One said "What is this you are talking about? You can't be serious. You didn't bring us out here to say jargon when we have a serious case in our hands.

I smiled and responded "Nothing is serious until something or someone makes it. We all make decisions everyday of our lives, but our decisions are made based on the resources available to us. Who provide these resources?

Another said "What is the meaning of this you speak of?"

I said "My existence revolves around the gentle whispers of direction. This is what I have chosen, and for you to be able to affect my decision, you'll have listen to the stream of messages hidden in the crack of life and the read the messages it brings forth. Then you might be able to alter my point of view. But I tell you this, all that you seek has been taken care of, all you have to do is wait for it to be served. And until then, there is a taxi park."

They sat speechless.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

unNaked Heart

Ok unNaked Soul! Just stop right there! What is going on? What's happening to you? You need to re-evaluate your existence. What is your purpose?

Just last night, I was at home, alone as usual, watching Wedding Crasher just right before I started watching Supernatural, and I got this tingling sensation along my coronary heading towards my heart. Now let me try and trace this. Oh ok! The last part where the guy was rambling about how he felt about Claire and the whole kissing thing... uhmm, I like that. Why do I like that? Maybe its the whole truth thing and the whole lovi-dubi feelings, am not sure. All I know is, am going soft. And that's scary. very scary.

For existence sakes am only 2Xyrs old, what would happen when am 3X+? I'll go all mushy mushy when watching a movie and then start embarrassing myself like a bloody retard? I use to watch love scenes for the mere act-work, you know; like the ability for the character to really do things, and learn or criticize them. Does anyone do that? Like in a kissing scene, you check out the chemistry to see if it is real enough or not... same goes for the sex scene. The words or emotion play don't even bother me. Not one bit. Now look at me, am getting all mushy even in a simple romantic conversation.

Something is definitely wrong here. I think it has something to do with the women. Yes. My heart is coated. I need a woman's explanation! Who knows, I'll wake up one day and start reading Sydney Sheldon... eeewwwww!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Journey Through the Zodiac (Part 3)

I remember the first Virgo girl I came in contact with, she looks very much like Simone Deveaux in HEROES (but with brown eyes). Anyways, we started out as just Hi buddies. Then one cool evening, I asked her over to our house for a chat. We talked about everything, from what she's doing and what she wants to achieve. Somewhere in between the conversation, she started flirting. As a shy guy, I just maintained my Guytosu Stance. She said (staring straight into my eyes) "Are you sure you don't have anything specific to tell me?" I replied (feeling like one dundee) "uhmm... I... I..." The next thing I knew, we were kissing like our life depends on it. And the rest was geography. *wink*

Very interesting woman I must commend the Virgo, but a career oriented Virgo buts everything else second to her goals. Usually intelligent and could be an information junkie. They could serve you to no end but when they quit, they quit. And how do they all like doing things by the book yet they break record? *sigh*

Sex: Would be fantastic if some bit of emotion can be used as a grease to smoothen the ride.

Strength: Perfectionist. Naturally intelligent. Loyal servants.

Weakness: bitchy. hidden confusion. vain (who isn't? LOL)

What did I gain? tilting towards being a perfectionist.

I'm captured by their immaculate sense of fashion. They I must admit are the most fashion conscious of them all. They know how to groom their men and themselves. My attraction to the Libra exceeds sex and romance. Am just attracted to them period. Their inability to make up their mind is really funny to me. Their mind is Christmas light having a Santa Claus fit. They say yes, they say no, they say yes, they say no... I just loving watching them get confused. But when they finally choose, you have to get a thousand gods to pull them out. They want so many things and therefore are quite unstable. I have more Libras as friends than any other stars. And they make the coolest girlfriends.

Sex: GGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt! We're more connected than the President of the United States.

Strength: Solving conflicts. High sense of style. Generous. True friendship.

Weakness: Unstable. Spend thrift.

What did I gain? Being a friend to those that matters.

My relationship with Scorpio is what I call clash of the titans. We are so very the same. Strong willed, egoistical, stubborn, fixed, and highly sexual. We are too the same to make things work. We fight, make love, fight, make love, fight, and make some more love. She wants my attention for her alone. She's possessive, says her mind, and vengeful. Don't be caught in her wrath. But besides all, she's could sacrifice her life for the sakes of love (they could be that confused when in love). She makes me laugh cause she pulls jokes from just about anything. She's is a companion. But don't cross her... LOL

Sex: have you seen the gods fucking? just imagine what it would be like... glorious...

Strength: Natural Leaders. Intuitive. Business wise. Determined.

Weakness: Possessive to a fault. Bossy. Control Freak. Vindictive.

As much as the horoscope say that the Leo and the Sagittarius are compatible, I find it hard to crack a Sag. You know why? She's always funking my mind, making me all vulnerable and shit. And the last thing I want to be before anyone is vulnerable. Too much hunting can make my blood sugar go low. Stay still so I can whack you. LOL. Sag are just one comical being. Just like the Scorpio, they make me laugh. And I love a good laugh. And she loves my kind of attention just as much as I love hers. We know when to stop and when to start. In bed, it's like a never ending sex story. When in love, they don't know how to let go, and its quite hard to put them in that position. I want to believe that 53% of the love ghost around are Sags. LOL

Sex: Never ending. Never Boring. Always like new.

Strength: Social spirit. Imaginative.

Weakness: Addictive Nature. Can't be bothered for too long.

What did I gain? Her powerful imagination.

It took me a while to get with the Capricorn because chasing one is like chasing the wind, you have to be patient. I've met a few nasty Capricorns but something drove them to that extreme. By default, they are like the house wife of the stars. Obedient, submissive, Loyal. And one the other hand, they could be like loose canon. I just love flirting with Capricorns because they have a dirty mind but they don't show it. If they feel you enough, they can let you see the kinky side of them. They are very very cool flirtmate. But heaven help you if they don't feel you and you try to pull some jack move on them (I'll say a little prayer for you). With Capricorns, I just know what button to push, or maybe they put my finger on what button to push, either way it works. LOL

Sex: Fireworks.

Strength: Putting things in order. Meticulous. Natural Born Mothers

Weakness: Petty. pessimistic.

What did I learn? Seeing things from all perspective before making a move.

My very opposite sign. How we seem to connect is still a mystery to me. We can talk for 24hrs none stop. And her free spirit is what really draws me to her. Her sadness only last for a short while, she aspires to be happy 24/7. Her creative ability is off the hook, and her imagination is larger than life. They know how to quench thirst. Yes. They do. When frustrated, they can pour their anger like a torrential rain but love makes them weak. That is one star I know that can make me cheat. Seriously. They know my button like they made it.

Sex: The best I've ever had.

Strength: Ability to bring anything to life. Can see the future. Can turn nothing to something.

Weakness: Playful. Procrastination. Can't tell the difference between reality & illusion.

What did I gain? I can see the future.

These are my babies. I don't want anyone to hurt 'em. They are so fragile. The last born of the stars, and the psychic. They are the true romantic. They believe in fairytale well into their 20ies. They shield themselves with the force field of pseudo-control just because they know that they are very vulnerable. And they key to their heart is... (sorry I won't say). Their heart is so soft you just want to guard it all the time. Making out with Pisces is like making love. It is drop dead HOT! Well, you have to loose them first, and make them feel safe.

Sex: Sloppy. Would learn sha.

Strength: Drop Dead Creative.

Weakness: Lost in space.

What did I gain? To be a romantic.

There goes everything. I keep my ear out for the Aries, but until then I'll stay liberal. *wink*

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