Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pseudo Psycho Analyzing

The truth is common, I reckon most people want to be exquisite rather than common... -unNaked Soul

I wonder where I get my thought from sometimes, even the xtremely naughty ones. And medically speaking, I am not naughty at all oh. Well, in the next few days, I shall be blog hopping, getting to know bloggers by their blog personality, then I shall post my finding. Hey! Don't delete that post!

Note that my intention is not to be accurate. And if in anyway whatsoever my analysis seem a little bit true, you are so free to YELL.

And those that are lined up for PPA are (and not limited to):

Mrs Somebody
Ubong da
Fantasy queen
Dairy of a G
Dark Temptress
B.J. Bond
The Ice Queen
Mine Exclusively
Desperate Lady
Queen of My Castle
Ms Mii
Free Flowing florida
Today's Ranting
Ms. Emmotions

Fantasy Queen
Tiny voice with a tiny temper. Not your average "can I buy you a drink" girl because she belongs to the race of independent women. Naturally preferably quiet verbally but a nerdy social junkie if it clicks (pun intended). If I was to give a name other than her alias I'd call her Lil'Mermaid cos of her dreamcentricity (new word - she can dream paradise out of a hell hole). Blogging is a part of her therapy program, you can tell from the pattern and content. Shopping is an addiction and better don't say it to her face else yours would be covered in fist going at 90m/hr. If I were to imagine her wearing something, it did be a black flowing gown marinaded with white gold sitting bare-footed on a pink bean bag staring into space...

Afroliciously naughty behind curtains, has the most magnetic personality with no strength for wahala. Behind all the naughtiness is girl who is quite strict in her dealings outside the type, click, and publish world. When in the mood, she can be a troublemaker, the kind you find at the playground with no cruelty intended. You can party together and all what not, but don't go there with her with cos she'll flip beyond your wildest nightmare. but don't worry she might forgive you in a hurry. If I were to imagine her, she'd be wearing a tatoo that looks like a dress on her naked body, no clothes on, with a remote control, pacing up and down a garden filled with other naked bloggers. Don't ask me what the remote is for bcos she just pressed the pause button.

Desperate Lady
A seemingly constantly angry girl who would pour out her frustration on anyone if you push her to the limits, but the truth is she is as soft as a cotton candy inside if only you can melt through her defense... a no nonsense babe, and a beautiful one at that, she can engage in a dirty sex talk conversation to how to a serious a relationship should be... she totally hates been lied to, plus she can't stand loud mouthed individuals or oppressors... she can be ghetto when she choose and don't let her posh exterior fool you. If I were to imagine her, she did be spotting a floral designed HOT bikini with tops off chilling by the pool with Chanel shades and a can of soda laughing at the three naked bloggers trying to push themselves into the swimming pool

Ubong Da
This guy come across to me as a guy who fucks on the job. If I were to give him a career, he'd be a pilot. The kind that screws the air hostess in the cockpit. The truth is, he doesn't want the story to leave the plane, bcos as soon as he touches down, it is business unusual. The I've got shit to take care of and don't try and figure out how how do my business kind of style. As much as he seem so explicitly open, he's as tight as that when it comes to his personal shitza. He'll bang you if you try to show his semen stained outfit in public (pun intended), and you won't be asking for more after he's through with you. If I was permitted to imagine him, even though I cringe at the thought of men in my imagination, he'd be under a tree by a river on a very HOT afternoon enticing female passerby with fresh juice made from fruits of the tree that serves him as shade.

To be cuntinued...

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