Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Once upon a Soul

My life is a string of constant miracles. How they happen puzzles me but I ain't complaining even though I do once in a while when I make a wish and they take a while too long to come through. Why they happen,? I hope I live long enough to find out. -unNaked Soul

Things that I have observed about me:

I love sleeping alone. For a reason I don't understand. I just feel more comfortable. No meaning found so far (yes! even after the most amazing sex in the world)

I'm immune to so many things but just realized that I catch common cold by the thought of it. (no more flu discussion)

My Imagination is almost real to me (Comes in handy when I wank in the morning)

When I say the things I want to do, I end up doing only half of it or not. When I don't say, I end up doing all and more. (I should learn to shut up more)

My brain and my tongue are like two lovers with cross eyes.

I have gained some weight... I think...

I missed being autistic by a few degrees. *phew* that was close.

When I'm bored/lonely/angry/broke, I involuntarily create an illusion of sedative thoughts or comical environment or some other things many people don't want to know. Like some kind of anti-self-destruct mechanism.

I fall in & out of love in seconds (Working on the body chemical to make it last)

I don't let things bother me for too long. The nightmare is not fun. And I love sleeping.

I'm loving red wine + redbull... (One sweet babe introduced me...) Plus am trying out Malt & Vodka... Who wants some?

ok... that's all folks... going back to a diary full of To Dos... *sigh*

P.S. Cally-Waffy didn't strip as she threatened. Catwalq didn't do what she threaten to do to me. Chickens! :-P

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Monday, October 08, 2007

1 moment please

This blog is currently idle. And I heard that the idle mind is the devil's workshop (interesting). Well, this is just an idle blog not an idle mind. And trust me, the devil doesn't want to be in my mind while it's idle.

In the meantime:
does anyone here enjoy sleeping naked or its just me?

does anyone here take a magazine to the loo every time they use it or its just me?

is there anyone here that ever want to do a good deed but ends up doing more of evil or its just me?

Who wants to go for a drink?

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Greatness is not for the faint hearted - unNaked Soul

I have a universe load of questions to ask, and for all those who want me to update, please answer them for me. :-D

Why do I want to gain 20lbs? why?
Why do I wake up in the morning with a hard on? why?
Why does Catwalq (What's her real name?) flaunt her beautiful mind at me while she does the same to that guy (you know yourself) that will chop sand very soon? why?
Why does she bother me to update when she could have just... you know? why?
Why does Queen of My Castle (What's her real name?) write so well that I get a hard on from reading her simple, yet, deep stuffs? why?
Why are anons so annoying? why?
Why did Baba Alaye (What's his real name?) stop'd blogging? why?
Why is Vera (What's her fake name?) not available when I need her? why?
Why do I like women too much? why?
Why do I now fancy cute-face plus-size women these days? why?
Why is orgasm such a thrill? why?
Why is it that some visitors to unNaked Soul's website confuses him for a girl? why?
Why do I like the number 69? Why?
Why do I blog when all that I want to blog about has completely eluded me? why?

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