Friday, July 27, 2007


Lovers and Warlords
fight for what they believe
Patience pass where chaos stood still
A twisted creation born out of boredom
What is the purpose
when everything seem to be in oppose
Ego and Hero
lock in a tango
I want to live inside you
to know what it feels like
to fill these blank spaces

Mothers and Daughters
dreaming of the altar
Fathers and Sons
building a mansion
to contain all their illusion
Family and Friends
what is the essence
if we keep crashing in all these nonsense
Am I just an unBeliever
seeking for space in these blank spaces?

Illusion and Reality
both exist in blank spaces
within their own spaces
Heaven and Hades
seeking for attention
through Human actions
is this all fiction?
'cos it seem like there is no direction
If I am these blank spaces
I'll have all the answers

Drunk and Sober
both have their own places
in this huge mass of spaces
Romance is over
when you can't fill the blank spaces
Left alone in a space with hangover
Everyone is seeking for a space
to fill their own blank spaces
What is this hatred
if it isn't for the blank spaces
Look around, and you will see
that we are all disconnected by blank spaces

How can you heal the world
with all these blank spaces?

How can you put a smile of their faces
with all these blank spaces?

How can you teach the truth
with all these blank spaces?

How can you feel my pain
when you can't fill all these blank spaces

'Cos when it is all over
it is nothing but... BLANK SPACE.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

unNaked Offense

Have I or Have I not?
Stepped unKnowingly into a Nubian court
And she judged me in a hurry
I offered her my sorry
In the depth of pain or pleasure lies humour
That's life's own invinsible armour
I ridicule you not
but my guess is you think unNaked is nut
It comes with the territory that I exist
And from your blog I shall exit
As you have bannished me
My guess is; that's rather mean
I respect your choice
and I shall forever maintain the unNaked poise

-unNaked Soul-

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

unNaked Dilema

What would you do if you can get anything you want?
But you've been cursed to please everyone that you come across until they do something terrible to you or say something stupid.

What would you do when time is the one thing that seperates you from getting just about everything you dream of?
But you are cursed with the burden of vanity.

What would you do, if everything you touch turns to platinum?
But you've been cursed to travel a path less traveled my many.

What would you do if you are unNaked?
But you've been cursed with an ego the size of jupiter, locked inside a matchbox.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

What's on my mind

if it isn't what it is then it is what it isn't. find out what isn't and everything else is what it is if you see it as what it is and not what it isn't.

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