Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Have you ever noticed that everything is going through a recycling phase? From plastic, to metal. Anything! Everything! And come to think of it, they sort of allow a kind of harmony in Nature's order. Instead of using up all our these resources and dumping them as waste which inturn hunts us back in the guise global warming and funky type diseases, recycling can be of huge advantage that can perhaps slow the process and make our life much much better.

We can apply this recycling model into our lives as well. Talk about born-again (not in that manner). A born-again person is simply a recycled product of former self. What if we can recyle everything? I mean everything. Relationship, Friend, Family, Happiness (a used up happiness is called sadness... what a waste), Peace, everything!

Am more concerned about relationships now, be it family type or friendship type or the lovey-dubey ones... We should be able to recyle those lost feelings, lost sweet-emotions, laughter, and the peace we find in these "Natural Resources". Instead of using them up and dumping them, which inturn hunts us back in the guise of anger, war, grudge, bitch-slapping, and what have you.

Take a moment and look at your life. Check your recycle bin, see what you can recyle. And those that can't be, turn them into another product (No! not a biological weapon!)



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