Monday, August 14, 2006


A guy I know lost his mother last week. Sad. While I was writing this, I thought of the title I was going to use for a moment. Should I use, DEATH: THE DREADED TRAIN TO NEVERLAND, or DEATH: THE SCARY NAME OF EVERYONE'S TRAIN STATION...

Without much, this brougth me to the topic of death! Yes, that! Scary ain't it? Well, sorry to go creepy on you, but it is better said than thought of.

Analyze this:

If a loved one, relative, friend, or aquintance were to travel to another city and you were never going to see or communicate with this person for the rest of your life, what would you do:

(a) Do you freak out?
(b) Do you say ok, but at least I know the city he/she is going to and I know he/she will be well?

My thought on this? I think it will be of mixed feeling depending on how much you are attached to that person. Nevertheless, you won't loose your mind. You just would embrace option (b) with not so much negative feeling.

Now Analyze this:

If a loved one, relative, friend, or acquaintance dies (this is where you insert GOD FORBID!) what would you do?

(a) Do you freak out?
(b) Do you say ok, but at least I know the place he's going to and I know he/she will be well?
(c) Do you really freak out and loose your mind?

My thought on this? I think most people will use option (a) and (c). Do you see where I am going? Most people believe in life after death. But I ask, Do we really believe in life after death? I think we olny use it as a consolation in life or as a necessary ingredient for a I-Feel-Better-That-Way religious belief. Yet, subconciously, we believe in our fear. Fear of the unknown! Because, if we believe

in life after death as much as we all claim, then why do we grief thrice (or more) as much over Analysis two over Analysis one?

The other life is something we don't know. And something we don't know, regardless that it is apparent to us (still unknown), is a something we truly fear. (Hint: See the reason why we fear GOD? We can't figure GOD out. And humans - and everything else too - fear what they can't figure out!)

NOTE: There are two Fs we do about things we don't know.

F1: We Fear.
F2: We Fight.

Let us ask ourselves. What do we really believe in? And how do we face the reality of our belief?



Blogger guerreiranigeriana said...

okay!...i would freak out moreso because i would miss the dearly departed and not so much that i didn't know where they were going...the idea of not being able to call or see them or hear them, touch them would make me sad/ write well..and dammit if you love philosophy...i thought i did but i think you have me beat!!...

November 21, 2007 9:30 PM  

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