Saturday, November 01, 2008

SMS to HRH The Queen

I'm your sun and you are my nothern star. I'll guide you through the day and you'll guide me through the night until the morning comes... I'll protect you with fire and light your path with sparks. I shall decorate your feet with precious jewels, clothe you with the finest linen, and crown your head with stars. You are my woman and I'll love you forever.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How decisive are your decisions?

I was working earlier today when something hit me. Let me share. I got home from my usual rounds about town dealing with client issues (one currently has a red dot on my forehead, and another somewhere I cannot divulge due to the sensitivity of the matter) and paying off business partners (so i call them for lack of a more leechy name). I got home and as usual almighty PCHN has given it to me upper cut style. So I gave them a counter attack with a left hook to their chin by turning on my almost having liver problem Generator. Thats right. I got into my work area to turn on my laptop (A levono by the way. Don't ask and don't buy. My battery went from 2 1/2hrs to 0mins in 3months) and I was met with this decision: Should I plug my lone UPS, which is for the LCD TV in my sit-watchtv-playvideogames-miscellenousactivity room, to the laptop or should I plug it directly to source since I am currently running on gen and would know when PHCN decides to give us electricity so I can save my work, power off, and change power supply. I chose to plug directly to source and fashied the UPS.

A few minutes later, lets say 20, a knock came on the door twice and I wondered who it was. I knew at that time my younger brother is in the my sit-watchtv-playvideogames-miscellenousactivity room with his hands free connected to his ear blasting off songs from his Nokia Something-Something Phone's MP3 player. I knew also that I'll have to yell out his name before he could hear me. I was met again with this decision: Should I get the door or yell out my brother's name so he can get the door because I was feeling to lazy to stand up. I chose the former. The next thing I knew was, VVIAAP! power's gone, and my laptop too. Few seconds later, power came back on. Apparently, the knock was from my landlords house help informing us that PCHN has decided to bestow upon us the liberty of their electricity and my bother promptly switched over.

Then I began to ponder, if I had chosen to plug my laptop to the UPS as oppose to directly to power, my laptop would still be on and I would have been able to save my work. And If I had gone for the door I would know that PHCN power is back and save my work before switching over. Either way I would have won, but I didn't. Hmmm...

Well, I have decided to be...

unNakedly Yours,
unNaked Soul

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Press Fast Forward

All my life as far as I can remember, I have been made promises to, now I can't tell a promise from a fable. - unNaked Soul

I won't be able to post, for now, the PPA for other bloggers as promised. I am afraid I have to sign off blogger for a while. I have lost complete track of who I am. Who am I? I can't even say in a very honest sentence. What do I want? I have to seat back, figure that out, and set my priorities right.

If I don't come back, know that I do very well appreciate every single individual I have virtually known through this medium. May it be as you wish... be well.

unNakedly Yours

unNaked Soul

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pseudo Psycho Analyzing

The truth is common, I reckon most people want to be exquisite rather than common... -unNaked Soul

I wonder where I get my thought from sometimes, even the xtremely naughty ones. And medically speaking, I am not naughty at all oh. Well, in the next few days, I shall be blog hopping, getting to know bloggers by their blog personality, then I shall post my finding. Hey! Don't delete that post!

Note that my intention is not to be accurate. And if in anyway whatsoever my analysis seem a little bit true, you are so free to YELL.

And those that are lined up for PPA are (and not limited to):

Mrs Somebody
Ubong da
Fantasy queen
Dairy of a G
Dark Temptress
B.J. Bond
The Ice Queen
Mine Exclusively
Desperate Lady
Queen of My Castle
Ms Mii
Free Flowing florida
Today's Ranting
Ms. Emmotions

Fantasy Queen
Tiny voice with a tiny temper. Not your average "can I buy you a drink" girl because she belongs to the race of independent women. Naturally preferably quiet verbally but a nerdy social junkie if it clicks (pun intended). If I was to give a name other than her alias I'd call her Lil'Mermaid cos of her dreamcentricity (new word - she can dream paradise out of a hell hole). Blogging is a part of her therapy program, you can tell from the pattern and content. Shopping is an addiction and better don't say it to her face else yours would be covered in fist going at 90m/hr. If I were to imagine her wearing something, it did be a black flowing gown marinaded with white gold sitting bare-footed on a pink bean bag staring into space...

Afroliciously naughty behind curtains, has the most magnetic personality with no strength for wahala. Behind all the naughtiness is girl who is quite strict in her dealings outside the type, click, and publish world. When in the mood, she can be a troublemaker, the kind you find at the playground with no cruelty intended. You can party together and all what not, but don't go there with her with cos she'll flip beyond your wildest nightmare. but don't worry she might forgive you in a hurry. If I were to imagine her, she'd be wearing a tatoo that looks like a dress on her naked body, no clothes on, with a remote control, pacing up and down a garden filled with other naked bloggers. Don't ask me what the remote is for bcos she just pressed the pause button.

Desperate Lady
A seemingly constantly angry girl who would pour out her frustration on anyone if you push her to the limits, but the truth is she is as soft as a cotton candy inside if only you can melt through her defense... a no nonsense babe, and a beautiful one at that, she can engage in a dirty sex talk conversation to how to a serious a relationship should be... she totally hates been lied to, plus she can't stand loud mouthed individuals or oppressors... she can be ghetto when she choose and don't let her posh exterior fool you. If I were to imagine her, she did be spotting a floral designed HOT bikini with tops off chilling by the pool with Chanel shades and a can of soda laughing at the three naked bloggers trying to push themselves into the swimming pool

Ubong Da
This guy come across to me as a guy who fucks on the job. If I were to give him a career, he'd be a pilot. The kind that screws the air hostess in the cockpit. The truth is, he doesn't want the story to leave the plane, bcos as soon as he touches down, it is business unusual. The I've got shit to take care of and don't try and figure out how how do my business kind of style. As much as he seem so explicitly open, he's as tight as that when it comes to his personal shitza. He'll bang you if you try to show his semen stained outfit in public (pun intended), and you won't be asking for more after he's through with you. If I was permitted to imagine him, even though I cringe at the thought of men in my imagination, he'd be under a tree by a river on a very HOT afternoon enticing female passerby with fresh juice made from fruits of the tree that serves him as shade.

To be cuntinued...

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Saturday, May 24, 2008


The world is going crazy. A world where billions of dollar is spent making war stories while billions are living beneath poverty line. A world where selected few thrives from the misfortune of unsuspecting many. A world where greed and "economic" growth is the death of the planet and no one seem to care or at least enough to make a visible turn around. Our world is bleeding, and there are not enough nurses to cater to it.

I have observed that many people due to what I cannot understand at the moment thrive on making other people feel less important so they can be more important. Although no one can make anyone feel less important without their consent, but then nature made hierarchy for a reason, just make sure you're hanging on the more favourable level of the pyramid. I have this rather silly idea that everyone should be treated as equal (yea right!), but then even in "heaven" the equality rule does not apply, therefore there is truth in the saying "Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Happiness - if ever made into a tablet would make the most expensive shit ever, and possibly the most abused substance. Some people would make sure it runs on short supply and only available to those who are sad enough to drop top cheese for a dose or two. No wonder happiness comes as a second base object rather than first base object. Too broad to be contained. unNakedly speaking, this simply means happiness like water has no form. It simply takes the form of its container. It cannot be acquired as an object but instead be aquired through other objects. Hapiness is ultimately defined by one's limited experience. Money many would say cannot buy happiness, true, because nothing can buy happiness, but it very well can deliver a defined level of happines based on ones limited understand of happiness. Happiness is a state of the mind which like water you get thirsty for every second of your life. Like water you'll have to fetch it with a container - Money, Clothes, Love, Shoes, Perfume, Sex, Diamond, Wine, Chocolate, House, Family, Friends, Car, Alcohol, Drugs, and to some fucked up cunts - WAR and its entourage.

The world is going crazy, and am running wild with it. Sooner or later, we'll all see that this whole planet is one balling mental institution.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wanna go to rehab

That you have seen me naked doesn't mean you have seen my private part. - unNaked Soul

I have met so many people in my life, well not so many, and I have an obsession to how they carry on. Their thought pattern, eating habit, health consciousness, love life, sex life (rates top actually), basic instinct, belief system, character matrix, and behavioural pattern. Just the other day I was having a conversation with a friend about a lady who stated that she flies only first class everytime. He is of the opinion that the lady does it for efizi sakes. I defended her (even though I don't know her) saying what if she does it for comfort sakes considering she can afford it. He went further to argue that a lot of "her type" generally do things so that people can associate them with that kind of lifestyle not necessarily for the comfort, and that business class offers just about the same comfort for less the amount. My question is, why are people so interested in other people's lives, and why are some people interested in other people taking interest in their lives?

I think about sex three quater of the time when I am not sleeping, eating, working, drinking water, eating, walking, have a conversation, doing presentation, and having my bath... and one fourth of the time I am doing all the above mentioned activities. A girl once told me she would do anything for her man sexually... Anything. And she sees no reason why he should be fooling around. That certainly raised the hair on my body, but control is the keyword. So I maintained. Is sex really enough? I would like to carry out a research to know how long any intimate relationship would last without sex. Not suppressed but sex made irrelevant while other areas of the relationship is hightened. Like the cuddling, going out (dinner, lunch, breakfast, movies, party, etc), gift exchange, and smooching. Talking about smooching, when all that sensitive spots are strummed like a guiter string, and all that sweet sounds are let out, where can orgasm be pegged? Take sex away, will it come crashing?

Everything comes naturally. I woke up many mornings ago and DING! No more cigarettes. No urge whatsoever. No more kpoli. No urge whatsoever. I faught this for many months, quit a number of times only to pick it up at the height of boredom, lonliness, and maybe depression. Just to wake up one day with no plans of quitting and its gone, just like it came. I wake up everyday with at least one miracle as I'll love to call it, and viola, I woke up with this one. Goodbye nicotine and Mary J. I'll miss the lonely times we spent together and the high times we shared. Sorry, nature has taken her toll again...

My life ain't in shit compare to over five million people who recently lost their homes/families/friends. It simply poked my side to alert me that if I don't appreciate what I have now and build on it, I might loose it and worse wake up dead. Regardless, I still want more doing less. But then, what do I want?

Ultimately, stop the bullshit. Universally speaking, What is really going on?!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

unScrewing my mind

There are some people you just fuck, and then there is the one you keep fucking. That is the one you should keep.
- My thought on INFIDEL-HITTING

Love making is not the same as fucking. One involves just the mind and the other just the body. One takes a longer time to be established and the other can be established in minutes (I heard some people get it done in a few seconds)

Like wine, just screw it with the right cork and see how long it would last.
- My thought on CELLAR MARRIAGE

If I am a man, I will screw only women. If I am a woman, I will screw both men and women.
- My thought on BOLTING THEORY

The only thing that exist outside time, space, and eternity is memory.
- My thought on the BIG BANG BANG

If blogville were a real city... I hold my thought.
- My thought on A CITY OF WORDS

What do you think would happen if women reach orgasm as fast as men do?
- My thought on ORGASMIC SPEED

Live like you mean it, because after NOW, its all memory...

P.S. I had a shave. You need to see my balls... Shinning!

Thank you everyone for your comments.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagged by Black 007

I was tagged by Black James Bond. so while you are reading this, just play the Theme Sound from James Bond movies.

Here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you…

2. Mention the rules in your blog…

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

1.) I shouldn't be saying this here but, I need help so here it goes. I make people wait for me while I hate waiting for people. I have done it to everyone, BIG & SMALL, regardless of who you are. I'm almost always the last to turn up for a meeting. Just a mental disease like pussaesia.

2.) I love t-shirts. If given the Time & Money, I would go shopping just to buy 1250 T-shirts and just 10 denim trousers, and 1250 converse sneakers (if I can find my size)

3.) I can be annoyingly vague.

4.) I cover my eyes with eyewears more than 70% of dalylight time. It helps me filter temptations of some kind. And it works, trust me.

5.) This is going to be disgusting to only pretenders. I can be quite forgetful, thank God for organizers. This proves it. I was alone in my "work room" one morning after eating meat-pie and a lil' pepper chicken, and I farted. Not organizer worthy so I blanked and continued working like it was nothing. Many seconds later I smelt a really offensive odour, and I started wondering what died. It took me about 10secs to realized that I farted 30seconds ago. See, I just don't remember things. It helps me deal with grief too.

6.) I carve out theories from a rod - you know, the male appendage for amusement, mischief, and procreation. Yes that one. I treat people/issues with any resulting theorem

Observe a few:
- With the right touch you can get anyone excited, hard and ready to game.

- When life is too hard, it hurts and can cause desperation

- It is always nice to spit out the truth as cream as possible, but sometimes you wish you spat out blank lies

- Every hard individual can be bent, maybe not broken, but definately made soft with the right number of strokes or tease.

- Long thing can hurt, short thing can frustrate you

- A nod isn't necessarily a yes

- Every minute inside bliss should be cherished

- Never let anyone kick you around. For the first few while you might feel nothing, but nothing compares to the pain and humiliation that follows.

- Wake up everymorning like you are the strongest most banging individual in the world.

- At all times you are responsible for your own comings, either through self or through others.

- If life is too hard, just wank.

I am tagging DL, TMinx a.k.a TaureanMinx, Carlang, Ms. Queen a.k.a Fantasy Queen, Toochi, Bumight

P.S. My internet connection is unBecuming these days, I can't link the peeps I tagged to their blog because....


Monday, April 21, 2008

For lack of time to go nuts

Wanked From Yahoo! (*oops! I meant Yanked)

Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found. It is believed that carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly, BBC News reported on Wednesday. The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer, and 1,250 men who had not. They found that men who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to get cancer. Men who ejaculated more than five times each week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because of the higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could in turn raise the risk of cancer. "Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect of ejaculations," Graham Giles of the Cancer Council Victoria, who led the researchers, said in the article.

The prostate produces a fluid that is incorporated into ejaculation, which activates sperm and prevents them from sticking together. Studies on animals have shown that carcinogens like 3-methylchloranthrene can be harbored in the prostate. Frequent ejaculation encourages the cancer-inducing fluids to "flush out." (The Advocate)

Like my good friend would say: Polish Away! Spank the monkey like he deserves it.

Gosh! Am so going nuts!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

How dysfunctional is dysfunctional?

Lie was made for those who can't handle the truth, and religion for those who wants the best of both worlds. - unNaked Soul

Left to us, a great number of humans would rather not grow old. we would rather remain youthful for the rest of our lives. But nature cannot be dragged into the senseless belief or ideas that has plagued humanity since the begining of existence. Whether we like it or not, she has a set of rules for a perfect existence and you shall abide by it choice or by force. And the consequences of disobeying is as not half as terrifying as watching someone about to pill your balls or cut your cunt with a surgical blade and no anaesthetic.

If I live a thousand years and a day, I could change the world, but I can never be able to change one thing: Family - the true meaning written only with blood. I come from a below middle class family. Despite the fact that my parents worked a good number of their lives in a brilliant paying job at the same multinational corporation does not make me classify my family as average. Little did I know I was only looking at my family from a distance.

I lived disconnected from my family for most of my life. I love my family from a distance. What the hell is that? I don't know myself, but its the smartest thing I could come up with for this whatmacallit. Since my childhood years, I've been having this rather disturbing image of what and where I want my family to be. And when my family doesn't fit into that frame, I gravitate a virtual inch away from the consciousness that is my family. Now mutiply that number by the number of times an unconventional dreaming individual can paint an opium-feel image of what the "ideal" family should be like. A processor crashing number.

I hated the fact that I have to work extra hard in my head to be closer to what I wish for as "family", only to get knocked into a camera filled stage with the hard light of reality burning through my soul, editing my dream like a badly cut documentary. And I spent most of my known life building these dreams while I drifted off the shores of reality. I read once that "You have to wake up to turn dreams to reality". I slept my bond away.

I also pictured my family as a dysfunctional one. It wasn't as a result of what my family did, but what my family didn't do. I wanted a perfect, walt disney type family. I hear they come in a pack with optional cousins, uncle, and aunt on ebay from $20.99. I have been affected by this in so many ways that if I start to list them I might end up having self-pity-sex just to escape depression from just staring at the Nile long list. By the way, a fantatic method to getting rid of depression. Better than lithium laced ice-cream I promise you.

I am slowly waking up to the realization that my hiltler approach to building a perfect family is totally suicidal. After so much traveling around and living with different families from the lower to upper class, plus a few burning bush moments, I bought into the school of thought that every family is dysfunctional. I reckon mine is just a statistics in a world made up of dysfunctional families.

Having drifted so far away, I'm walking and working back to my family essense. Appreciating my family as it is, embracing every flaw and shortcomings as I have only one life-chance to righting my family by blood. It's gonna take a while, but I'll get there.

I reckon the most successful families are those who are able to manage their dyfunctionalities without spinning off the orbit of their essense, while they revolve and evolve together. They are the ideal family.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

SSSHH, It's just 69

My dear friend Tooch lost his mother a few days ago. Everything is so odd. In my head she still lives. While she was at the hospital, I choose not to visit her because of her condition. I wanted my memory of her to be a healthy one. She's too sweet to be stored as anything else. Once she accepts you, she regard you as her own, so motherly. God bless her soul.

"Sex" isn't overrated, some people are just simply obsessed with it more than others. For me its a different story. I love sex, there is no twist in it. Over the last few moments, I had a sudden "epiphany" (truely seriously, a stiff realization), that I have explored most of my teenage/post teenage sexual fantasies (yes, plus threesome... and don't don't ask me what form), and what I truely crave for is fulfilment, connection (on my part and my partner as well).

"Success" isn't overrated. Some people just suck at it or just give up in the greasing process. I want to be fucking successful. The whole works: Money, Fame, Knowledge (in the areas I love), and most important Family. To put an orgasm to this whole success thing, I want happiness.

"Sorry" is over abused. Some people just don't mean it. Some people just drop it like a 60 second sex with no orgasm and rollover to sleep. Some just fake it because they can't deal with the drama. While some (very few) drop it like the first meaningful "I love you".

"How are you" is over abused. It comes with a very shallow "fine". Many people don't care how you truely are. It is as good as say "Holy Fucking Christ!" It is not blashempy, yet it is no praise. Simply empty, with an empty response (and a smile maybe). Many of us are just afraid of sharing how we truely feel because some fool would use it as a theme for their next tea party sitcom episode.

"Humanity" is enough spirituality for me. The things I can't see is handled by the things I imagine. My unSpoken abilities and that which is hidden in every mass of existence in our visible and imaginative being is my my my.

I have 69 things to do this year, I'll give pleasure and receive in return. A unit or two selfless deeds and then tens of selfish ones.

Just think about it. What's the count on your to dos list?

69 anyone?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

R for Orgasm

There is a thing in everything. - Spoken Thought

I woke up this morning with a stretch and it was harder than normal. I looked down there just to figure out why. No clue so I lazily grabbed the control with my hand. Click came on style network, the last channel that was on the night before.

All of a sudden, that feeling started gathering. I knew that was the reason. It couldn't have been another. It has always been a tradition for me. I like the pour. The rush of emotion it brings. I love the soothing after effect. The loud moans can be heard across an entire geographical region. The sparks of excitment as excited electrons clashes, caressing the very softness of the blues causing it to turn dark. Oh I love it when its wet. Don't you? Ok, maybe not so wet. Just ok wet. Just enough to get things all greased up. It gets the fire in my system burning. I am at my peak during this period. It brings me new inspirations and success.

Afterwards, I took a whiff of it. I love the smell, that particular smell. I love the taste of it, that particular tastless taste. *sigh*

This morning. it rained.

P.S. I wonder which of the six hundred and sixty-six demons dey worry that person wey dey call me names. Becareful oh, I carry holy water oh!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mystery is the chemical that preserves anything dipped into it for enternity - unNaked Soul

Many found happiness in your playground, and many sadness
How is it possible?
Could this be you?
An entity with multiple personality
Could this be you?
As much as I tell to myself the possibility, you are too sweet to be two.

I can't but help to admire the colours of your garment
Made from a million and one beautiful thoughts
Perfectly seamed with the threads of time
Embroidered with beads of innocence
No wonder many fall into your embrace without a second thought
I wonder who made you that dress
I want one too
Heavy, you say?
How come something so beautiful be so heavy?
Oh really?
The heart grows to fit in?

The drama you bring sets you at the center stage of the world
At the center of everyone's heart
The molten core of every solid feelings
You are soft yet solid on the surface
Permit me to reach your depth and be engulfed in the warmth of your center
To explode with desires and be reborn as a solid representation of your beauty.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

iDeas Anyone?

I am gathering data on this project am working on. Please send me an email or comment on the following:

What list of puzzles/questions/task would put before soon-to-be-married couples to check how compatible or how well they know/understand each other?

Please send answer through my comment or send to

On the lighter side: what is the most obvious thing about you that everyone that knows u know?

Anyone with the correct answer wins a prize.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Past weeks and other stories

History is a never ending story. Only fairy tales have endings. The future is to be continued. -unNaked Soul.

My laptop crashed! bwwwaaaaaa!!! I got another one *snif* *snif* But I need my data!!!! bwwwaaaaa!

I quit my former employment! YAY! I've got deals all lined up and signed! Tripple YAY!!!

The dumbest shit happened. My landlord's daughter's driver (e long o) stole her ATM card and withdrew (e correct?) N35,000 in three N10,000 installments and a N5000. Thanks to GTB, she got instant notifications. That guy dey lie like evil spirit.

Just had a god-moment awareness that money can make you horny oh! No joke. I had a few thousand and I went on a sweet mouth spree, ice-cream and chocolates, like a woman on sex diet.

Went to FBP at Alpha beach. Princesa caught Fantasy Queen scoping me. If I lie check facebook. I was looking all sticki-iki and off the buckles men. LoL. Anyways, friends had a good laugh when they caught me staring at her like a kid who's looking at a candy store through its glass window. Sorry fantasy queen, you didn't see that, neither was it caught on camera. I fit deny am.

I remember when I was in the world, when I use to attend church and fellowship; then as a kid (well, up to when I was like 15), I use to sing this song "I'm married to Jesus, satan leave me alone..." Thinking back now, I just realized how gay it was. The girls would burst their vocal cords over that number and we the boys would pop a vain so Jesus knows we love him and forcefully marry him with or without his consent or a ceremony. We just didn't know we are making a polygamist and a gay out of the cool dude, and we didn't care, we just wanted to make heaven . He'll understand I guess.

P.S. Swing. Life is too short.

I had another weird dream: I saw the sea and the air filled with war machines in their thousands, the cloud was dark because of the number of flying war machines; destination? New York.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Next Flight

If my life is an experiment, then am making it a fucking A-Bomb - unNaked Soul

Just a note to everyone, esp. Afrobabe (who thinks am an ashewo) I AM STILL INNOCENT. I think. :-D

A lot has been happening to me lately. And it is time for me to reflect and figure out what's best for me. I am moving to the next level of my experimental evolution.

I resigned from my current employment. They have served their purpose long enough. Don't freak out. Am fine. I've been looking for a reason to, and like everything else in my life, it fell right on me hands. I have a thousand and one rooms opened as we speak, and trust me, I love bedrooms. *wink*

I've been having this reoccuring dream of me flying by just thinking about flying. Flying is an amazing experience. Anyone with interpretation? I know the african thingy would say I have been initiated into some kind of coven. I see clear blue sky when I fly, so find me a better interpretation. CATWALQ?

P.S. Please visit I find his blog funnily interesting...

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Naked Innocence

Growing old is a must, Growing up is a choice. - Someone like that :-D

I remember a time when I could do anything my heart felt like doing. I could listen to a male or female friend sing to me a piece or two from our poetry book back in my younger years. I would smile, giggle, and enjoy their own rhythm version. I felt nothing but pure and innocent excitement.

I remember when a male friend would but his hands around my neck as we walk to the playing ground or to buy sweets or whatever caught our fancy, without thinking if I, him, or anyone would assume he, I, we is gay.

I remember being around female friends taking their bath and I think nothing of it, but just water splashing on flesh. No fear of been called a perv.

I remember telling my female friends how lovely their boobs, ass, or lips look without thinking of how well my dick can fit into their pussy. How they smile and say thank you with complete innocence. For they know I meant it with no hidden motive, and they won't think am a perv.

I remember believing everything I was told (still do until to a greater extent) without doubting the teller.

I remember my innocent year, where did all that essence go?

Now, I can't have a male kiss my cheeks without me thinking: I hope he's not gay. I hope he doesn't think am gay. I hope they don't think we're gay. I can't have a friend sing a song without thinking: is he gay?

Now, I can't have a female friend hold my hands, while we walk without me thinking: does this mean anything other than two friend strolling hand in hand.

Now, I can't have a female tell me how much they appreciate my friendship without me thinking: When are we going to get naked.

I am in a journey for the search of my lost innocence before I lost completely the true meaning of living.

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Monday, January 28, 2008


I achieve more when am alone
I achieve more when I think am alone
I swing in space
I cringe in clutter
I'm cold when am lifeless
I'm cold when I think am lifeless
Am high in solitude
I'm alive in pair
I'm more alive in pair
I'm more alive when I think am in pair
-unNaked Soul

My leave is coming soon and I want help in answering this question:

What do you do when you arrive at a new destination?
[a] Explore the whole place, good and bad
[b] Explore only the good places
[c] Explore only the bad places
[d] Wait for information to reach you about the place
[e] Go back

Please pick max of two choice.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

unComplicate This

We forgive so that we may be forgiven... to each action its own consequence... we shall bear our burden by ourselves, we only hope to be good and keep doing what we do: Mistakes. - unNaked Soul

How do a young man like me (a reflex flirt) prove his LOVE to a young woman?

How do you manage information sharing with the one you've chosen to LOVE?

Is there any similarities between a LIE and unCompleted Information Dissemination?

What is the chemical composition of the element Tr (a.k.a TRUST)?

I am terrible when it comes to the politics of LOVE. It is more intense than running for United States Presidency.

P.S. This is very Naked. No Joke. No Game. I want answers.

On the lighter side: I had the weirdest dream last night. I was to donate my heart to the one person I do not know. I voluntarily offered to. I consciously offered to die. Now that's scary. I hope am not going to die soon. *sigh* Just in case, who wants a heart?


Friday, January 18, 2008


She slapped me a little harder than playful. I gave a confused stare while thinking in my head; What crime have I committed to warrant a slap. I couldn't think of any. I asked her rather dumbly, What did you do that for?

She replied in a stern, firm yet sexy tone, For standing there like a ghost instead of fucking this pussy

In a split second it dawned on me that I was busy gazing at her female Grace-ness, embodied in a Great work of Art only Nature can mold.

Alas! I am guilty. Guilty of not exercising my Nature given right to fuck that pussy.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


I was having this discussion at an online forum some time ago about it, and people had their own opinion. Most (if not all) came from the R perspective, but I came from the H perspective, and dropped my opinion as to what drives me.

A lot of people find the M Class a very disgusting ride. Some call it disgusting out of embrassment, some out of frustration, and some religious reasons. I simply find it liberating. I may or may not understand their point of view, but it does not justify why it should not be done.

There are times when u badly want to percipitate, and you grab your keys and turn on the ignition. I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't use any PCT to change your oil or any CCK to gauge your oil level. Though temptation comes, A good hand in time saves 9. I know this from experience and I share with you the truth.

Not riding at all can get the entire engine all rusty and may lead to a sad driving experience when you eventually decide to go long distance. But people are individuals, needs may differ from person to person, but doesn't mean the need doesn't exist.

What am I talking about? MASTURBATION!

It is healthy, and like NIKE: Just Do It if it helps. Cos remember, A hand in time saves 9.

Yea, I know, I've got balls to do a post on M. 2 to be exact.

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