Thursday, August 10, 2006


Has anyone ever notice that when you are in a tight corner, no matter how very tight the corner is, there is always room for negotiation? Now that really beats me. I was trying to catch some sleep last night (that slippery bastard just won't stay still!) and these thoughts just kept hitting me like a rock star on a trailerload dose of heroine and got my mind doing xMillion Km/sec on the freeway of Jagbajantis. A tight spot with room for negotiation. hmmm...

Imagine if as an entrepreneur, you are approached with a deal (you can't refuse) and after much, you are boxed up in a corner with nothing left to put on the table. You have only two rooms left. Behind door Number 1: Get the hell out. Behind door Number 2: Negotiate against your terms. Now imagine a very juicy deal, most people will opt for door Number 2 as the only reasonable option.

Sometimes, we fight hard - maybe out of selfishness, pride, or whatever, but if our opponent is stronger that we usually think they are, we begin to see these two options. I know for sure that if we don't regard these deals, we most times don't even go into the process of allowing the senerio come up. Take for instance, you have a million bucks (substitute this with your own currency... yes, you can use Naira) sitting comfortable in the palace of your bank account after all liabilities has been catered to, and someone pops up with a 10,000 bucks deal. One, you either say, am sorry go somewhere else, or two, you say go eat shit or whatever keeps you high. Now lets look at the reverse: You have 10,000 bucks standing (not sitting oh!) and waiting to be sent to the Liability Abattoir and you are in million buck more in the quick sand of debt, and a million buck deal pops up. What door would you open against all odds?

These situations come up in many face: Family, Relationship, Job, Project, School, and life in general. Regardless of the situation, We always want the best result for ourselves, but isn't neccessary the best. Now, with a Dilemma .45 Magnum pointed at your face, you'll do nothing else better than to check into Door Number 2! and trust me, the room service is crappy.

Who's got the key to a better door? Let me have it...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"slippery bastard just won't stay still" - who?

August 10, 2006 5:30 AM  
Blogger CoolDigest said...

lol@ Aba Boy... Na Sleep oh... LOL!!! no be wetin you think. :-D

August 10, 2006 7:19 AM  

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