Friday, August 18, 2006


Nothing scares me more than when I think of what I'll be like when am 60 or thereabout. I freak out at the thought of it. The question I keep asking myself is, would I love my life at that age? What will be my thought process of things then? I never worry about if I'll reach that age or not, but I worry about what would be my frame of mind and attitude towards life at that age. That gives me the mother of all creeps.

Thinking back throughout my 26yrs plus (which expires on the 20th of August) of existence here on earth, Can I say that I am proud of my experiences? Can I say that I have evolved to a degree in my way of thinking, way of living, way of giving, way of recieving? I doubt if I have achieved all that I really want at this age, but the positive and negative ions neccessary for transforming my being into the next level of evolution has gathered enough momentum and is waiting for the green light.

I have always wanted to go out and see the world, be in places that appeal to my interest, see people and mingle like a child high on sugar, give like I own fort Knox, party like its christmas, meet people like am Nelson Mandela, dress like Pharrel Williams is learning, and most important release myself from superficial, materialistic, and egoistic shackles.

I thought to myself, Live your life like its golden! Live like everyday is your last. Love those who love you the best way that you can. Avoid those who hate you because they just might mess the process up. See things from multiple perspective and stick with the one that is in harmony with your self. Ask questions like a child would.

I have chosen to travel the world starting from Nigeria, visiting every major city and documenting my findings, every month. I'll spend a weekend at these places, and a week at other cities in Africa... Then I shall proceed to the rest of the world.

I have chosen to live the dreams of my childhood years. What about you? What are you going to do? All I can say is, LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE ITS GOLDEN.


PS> My heart goes out to those who do not have the capacity to really live (Children of Rwanda, Sudan, people of the middle east, children and people of sad circumstance). May you all find the peace that you seek. Cheers!


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