Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the Thirteenth

Gosh! What am I going to say? Am so damn nervous. Ok. Ok. Ok. Put your sh*t together. Yeah. I last blogged here just a day after my birthday. I can't say it was out of laziness of anything, but I guess I got caught up in the web of undefinable existence. Today's 13th Day of October 2006... and its a FRIDAY! Remember friday the thirteenth?! Of all days that I choose to put the soul back into this blog. Goosh! I am so twisted (who isn't?).

Over the last 53days of my hibernation (yea, I went dozing in a dodgy cave close to Area 51 - but is actually Area 53... those bloody crooks!) I thought I'll never wake up from it. I'm still trying very hard to shake off the sad visions that I had while I was in there. But like everything else, there is a balance. Which to say, I also had some pretty good visions too.

Are you still wondering about Friday the 13th? Don't worry, Jason & his gang had their last HIT in the eighties, expect if some a*%hole brought 'em back on STAGE. Can anyone remember the origin of Friday the 13th? Read here , here, here, and oh here too. :-D

For all of you who commented on my blog, I say a big 10Q. More will flow from the mind of the unNAKED SOUL. Have a yourself ...!


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