Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Law of things to come

I have said once or more (in my head) that conservative people do not have capacity enough to create/derive the neccessary blueprint to run a system. It is the assertively progressive people who do. Hence, the voice in my head says, "The assertively progressive people create/derive the lifestyle (the system blueprint) of our world and lay it before the conservative people to preserve".

That is by the way, I wish to digress no further.

Many many many things have I observed within and around my existence. Have you every noticed (self or otherwise) that the things you want turns out to be that thing that controls you? Until you get that which you want, every other thing weighs low on your scale of priorities.

You might say "it's only natural". But have you ever imagined that these wants (or needs) have certain laws that governs it, and when your wanting (or needing) these wants (or needs), you are automatically within the "control area" of the laws that govern that which you seek. Confused? For you to get what you want (or need), you'll have to observe the laws that governs the existence of that want (or need).

Still confused? Think; Clothese, Shoes, Food, House, Family, Friends, Child(ren), power, job, 42" HD plasma TV, BMW 1 series, Office at Petronas Tower, that cute sister with the right attitude (or cute & humourous brother with the sensitive touch), Free shopping at any Gucci/D&G shop, and the most important of all... GOD.

What I would like to understand is: are these laws flexible, breakable, or plain ol'rigid? If you have the answer please do not hesistate to let me know. In the mean time, how in control are you in control of that which controls you?



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